The Globe -- South Bethlehem
Monday, December 1, 1917
American Cup Holders Advance to Third Round of National Series

Two goals scored in the first half enabled Bethlehem Steel Company association football team to put the Veterans' eleven out of further participation in the National Cup competition Saturday on Fairhill grounds at Philadelphia. The ex-national champions also eliminated Veterans from the American Cup ties a few weeks ago. The goals scored Saturday were hard drives across the mouth of the goal. The first was by Ratican, center forward, after three minutes play. "Chris" Wright, whose goaltending was the outstanding feature of the game, managed to block the drive, but the wind was blowing hard and it slipped out of his grasp and did not need the final touch which Fleming gave it to roll over the goal line. The second goal, registered 25 minutes later, was a pretty effort by outside right Murphy, which shit over the front of the goal and lodged in the north edge of the net.

One of the feats performed by goalkeeper Wright was preventing Tommy Fleming from scoring on a penalty kick. The shot from the 12-yard line was given against fullback Wilson, who knocked down a drive close to goal from the toe of McGreevy which seemed sure to enter the net, as it was a duplication of Murphy's effort. Wilson dashed across goal and ganged the ball to the ground. Fleming endeavoring to score, sent the ball to the left of Wright, who stooped over and intercepted the ball and with his left hand and picking it up drove it down the field.

Bethlehem won the toss and defended the Third street goal, having the wind at their backs. After a few exchanges, Ratican, the former St. Louis star, got clear, and with a well directed shot, won the game.

The first half was productive of many advances by the Bethlehem players to the vicinity of Veterans' goal and rapid efforts to score. Campbell and Burgin collided in endeavoring to head the ball at midfield, and each received a gash on the side of the face. After 17 minutes play Veterans gained a corner kick off Fletcher, Whitley centered nicely, but Bethlehem got the ball away from their goal, and Ratican punted to goal, where Wright cleared. Bethlehem continued to attack, and again Ratican sent a hard shot at goal. A moment later Bethlehem secured their first corner kick. Murphy punted to goal, where Eddie McDonough, who was playing his final game for Veterans, headed the ball away. In a scrimmage a foul was called on Veterans. Campbell punted from 25 yards in front of goal into Wright's hands. It was following this that another dash by Bethlehem resulted in Pepper sending the ball across the field to Murphy, who, rushing down, met the ball with his tow and sent it into goal, Wright having no chance to stop the shot.

It was following this goal that Veterans rallied for a few minutes and had their best chance to score. Kicking off Burgin sent the ball to Andy Brown, who returned it across the field, Burgin testing Duncan on a shot to the edge of the goal. As the big goal tender hurled the ball down the field Tom Walsh banged it back at goal, Duncan catching the ball high above his head and threw it a few feet in front of the goal, where Nolan secured it, but punted a yard wide of the net.

Another rush by Bethlehem was stopped when Wilson was penalized for pushing McGreevy. Kirkpatrick punted from the 25-yard mark, but his kick was blocked and Pepper drove the ball wide of goal. Bethlehem secured a second corner and Fletcher kicked wide of goal. Another foul against Veterans resulted in Kirkpatrick kicking wide of goal in an effort to score.

Starting the second half, Fleming and McGreevy shifted places and in the opening minutes Wright prevented Fleming scoring on the penalty kick. Pepper returned the ball to goal and Bethlehem secured a corner kick. Murphy's center being cleared, Veterans began to improve in their playing, keeping the ball in Bethlehem's territory, the backs intercepting Bethlehem passes and checking the visitors' forwards before they got close to goal. After 30 minutes Veterans gained a corner off Fletcher. Whitley took the kick and Nolan headed the ball to goal where Duncan caught it. It was here Veterans forwards developed a bit of passing and Burgin was advancing toward goal where he was tripped a few yards outside of the dreaded penalty mark brown sent the ball at goal, but it was deflected across the goal line for a corner kick and Brown punted over the top of goal. A run by Murphy and Ratican brought the ball up the field and Fleming had a good open shot at goal, but shot wide. Bethlehem gained a corner kick off Wilson toward the end of the game, but it was unprofitable, Wright meeting the ball with his fist and sending it across the field to the touch line.

Referee Jimmy Walders handled the game in splendid style.

Bethlehem -- Veterans
Duncan -- G -- C. Wright
Fletcher -- RFB -- J. Wilson
Ferguson -- LFB -- J. Campbell
Murray -- RHB -- Wambach
Campbell -- CHB -- Taylor
Kirkpatrick -- LHB -- McDonough
Murphy -- OR -- A. Whitley
Pepper -- IR -- Nolan
Ratican -- CF -- W. Burgin
McGreevy (Fleming) -- IL -- T. Walsh
Fleming (McGreevy) -- OL -- A. Brown
Score -- Bethlehem 2, Veterans 0. Half-time -- Bethlehem 2, Veterans 0. Goals -- Ratican, Murphy. Referee -- James Walders. Linesmen -- Easton and Ward. Time of halves -- 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club