The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
December 1, 1924
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Soccer As It Should Be Played
Soccer patrons who witnessed the Bethlehem Steel-Boston game on the Steel Field on Saturday afternoon were treated to one of the best dribbling tilts witnessed in this city in a good many years. The game was played as it should be and fans marveled at the clock-like precision of the accurate passing the perfect control of the ball. Two teams, formidable in every department and each comprising an array of first division talent, were seen probably at their best in spite of the heavy conditions of the field and in victory Bethlehem won by a display of slightly superior merit. The shot of Archie Stark that scored the winning tally was by no means a gift but in fact one of the hardest efforts possible. Flanked by two rival backs who had closed in to frustrate his attempt he shot at the precise moment and his drive went true to the mark. If the brand of soccer witnessed on Saturday afternoon is to be displayed throughout the season, local dribbling fans have in store a royal treat.

Maxwell Reinstated For Boston Game
The attitude of the treatment received by Bethlehem Steel at Fall River in the game Sunday a week ago when Goldie was injured and "Sturdy" Maxwell ordered out of the game is reflected in the mail vote submitted to American Soccer League headquarters on the status of the Bethlehem player in regards to appearing in the Boston game. Maxwell was ordered out of the game after an altercation with Fryer, in which the latter is alleged to have struck the Bethlehem forward. Immediately the management petitioned the league for a mail vote on the status of Maxwell for the Boston game and eight clubs responded favorable, including the Boston club which Bethlehem opposed on Saturday. Two clubs, New Bedford and Fall River, did not vote unless their reply has since been received while Fleisher Yarn, of Philadelphia, and Providence voted in the negative. The vote of the latter was somewhat of a surprise, particularly so since Sam Fletcher, a Bethlehem player for a good many years, is manager of the Providence team. Fryer did not appear with Fall River against Providence yesterday and it is doubtful if he will be reinstated for several more weeks. It is understood that the incident with Maxwell was the second for Fryer this season and league executives will likely impose a severe penalty when they meet in regular session on December 18. At that time Maxwell's end will also be taken up. However, in the meantime he will be eligible to play.

Three of the Old Guard
With "Whitey" Fleming still active in the role of a soccer player some of the old timers who attended the game on Saturday had visions of the former championship machine which for several years bowled over everything in their path. And these old timers still argue that the Bethlehem team of the old days was superior to the one at present representing the Steel Workers. However, opinion varies to a great degree on the merits of the local clan as well as the merit of the opposition. With Fleming still in harness, three of the former old guards were on the field on Saturday afternoon. The other two were John "Jock" Ferguson, the veteran Bethlehem back and "Billy" Duncan, custodian of the Bethlehem goal in the championship days. Ferguson is now the trainer at the Bethlehem Club although several weeks ago, when his brother was ill and he assumed the position, he gave evidence that he was by no means through as a soccer player. Duncan is too actively engaged in soccer as trainer of the strong Boston club. Saturday's game was a reunion for this trio of old guards who once sported the uniforms of Bethlehem Steel players.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club