The Globe-Times – Bethlehem
Wednesday, December 1, 1926
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Razzing the Players
“Shocking in the extreme was the attitude of some of the side line spectators at the Bethlehem-Fall River game here on Saturday afternoon,” was the term applied in calling attention to the conduct of several of the side line spectators who apparently got a great kick or thought they did in “razzing” several of the players. Certain individuals on the Bethlehem team were picked out as the target for this unjustified criticism and incidentally one of the players happened to be a veteran of the team, who although in a crippled condition, went into the game and gave his all to accomplish the Bethlehem victory. If such is the moral support given a team that is proving the sensation of the American Soccer League race and bids fare at this time to garner the title what can be expected when the club plays away. IN other cities it is noticed that the home fans are one and all for the home club. And this loyal support can serve but one purpose and that is to strengthen the morale of the team. Why the few individuals were selected as the target for criticism the writer is unable to fathom. There is but one conclusion and that is that probably personal prejudices or petty grievances might be entertained against them.

If They Can’t Boost; Don’t Knock
There is no more encouraging tonic than moral support and such support must come from the spectators. It is to be expected that a fan might register disappointment if a good shot at goal is missed or some other break occurs to lose an advantage. However, to be continually nagging a player and cutting loose with a volley of epithets that reach the ears of the player is another thing. It is anything but a true display of sportsmanship.

The Wrong Time to Criticize
What more could be accomplished by a team than the sensational exploits of the national champions in American League soccer this year? Individually or collectively there isn’t the least bit of room to criticize the team or the management. Of the nineteen games played, the champions have lost but two. The club is at the top of the standing with a lead strong enough to promise a hold on first place. Every player on the squad has contributed to the success of the team. Some players are probably outstanding in their work, but nevertheless it is an eleven-man combination that is riding high in the pennant dash. It is impossible to conceive why any of the players should be sizzled on the grid. Just a word for some of these players. Due to conditions brought about by injury and illness, there have been several players in the lineup hardly fit for the games, but still loyal enough to stake everything to bring victory to the club. The club is far from being in normal condition but in spite of the physical deficiencies of some of the players at the present time, has gone right along to win games. Some of the casualties, a few of which are expected to be back in harness for the hard twin bill over the weekend when Bethlehem meets Providence and Boston away, are Johnny Granger, Archie Stark, Johnny Rollo, Bill Carnihan, Whitey McDonald, Billy Allen and probably a few others could be included. And this coterie of players could form a nucleus for any winning combination.

As For the Management
It is easy to sit on the sidelines and chirp “Why doesn’t he use such and such player?” referring to the management in selecting the team. Such remarks usually come from the person ignorant of the physical condition of the squad. The management uses players which in his opinion would field the strongest club and selected from those available. And it is the management on the inside of affairs and not the outsider.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club