The Globe -- Bethlehem
December 2, 1927
Marksmen Come to Town Tomorrow For Important Battle on Soccer Pitch

Having completed one of the hardest weeks of training that has been the lot of the Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club this season, the players are primed for the invasion of Fall River to the home den on Saturday afternoon and equally as determined to make it three straight over the Marksmen.

If Bethlehem succeeds in defeating Fall River on Saturday afternoon, it will probably be the third time in one season in the history of games between these two clubs that the feat was accomplished.

The only changes in the Steelmen's lineup apparent at this time are in goal and one of the positions on the forward line. Due to the forced absence of Cecil Brown, Canadian goalie, Dave Edwards, much improved physically, will don the harness and get back into service.

It may be that the management will start Ballantyne, a forward, for several seasons with Boston. Granger has been playing a snappy game at the inside position and so has Rollo so that the inclusion of Ballantyne is by no means certain. Should the newcomer make his first home appearance, Jaap, who has been playing aside of Goldie on the left wing will probably pair off with Gillespie on the other side of the line.

When Bethlehem defeated Fall River last Sunday it was to check the longest winning stride experienced by Fall River this season, in the five previous games the Marksmen won four and tied one, collected nine of the possible ten points. That defeat checked their climb into a contending position for the league honors.

"Bill" Carnihan, Bethlehem center forward, so completely checked Harold Brittan, the Marksmen's crack center forward that it is somewhat doubtful if he will start at that position. Like Davy Brown, of the New York Giants, the tow headed Carnihan seems to have the number of Brittan and seldom fails to dampen the goal scoring ardor of these two flashy forwards.

The Steelmen have two games listed for over the weekend but the one in which they are most interested is the clash on the home field. On Sunday afternoon the club will oppose Newark on the Jerseyites pitch. The team will probably line up as follows:

Bethlehem -- Fall River
Edwards -- G -- Harper
McDonald -- RFB -- Tate
McMeekin -- LFB - -McGill
W. Reid -- RHB -- McPherson
Carnihan -- CHB -- Wilson
McGregor -- LHB -- Doyle
Gillespie -- OR -- Harvey
Jaap -- IR -- White
Stark -- CF -- Graham
Ballantyne -- IL -- McAuley
Goldie -- OL -- McEachran
The weekend league schedule follows:


Bethlehem vs. Fall River at Bethlehem. Referee: J. Hume.
N. Y. Nationals vs. Providence at Polo Grounds, New York. Referee: J. Hayes.
Boston vs. Brooklyn at Boston. Referee: R. Bethune.
J. & P. Coats vs. N. Y. Giants at Pawtucket. Referee: R. Rose.
New Bedford vs. Newark at New Bedford. Referee: A. White.


Providence vs. New Bedford at Providence. Referee: G. Lambie
Fall River vs. N. Y. Nationals at Tiverton, R. I. Referee: S. Quinn.
Brooklyn vs. Boston at Ebbet's Field, Brooklyn. Referee: M. Bloom
N. Y. Giants vs. J & P Coats at Starlight Park, New York. Referee: E. McCabe.
Newark vs. Bethlehem at Davis's Stadium, Newark. Referee: T. Cunningham.
Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club