The Globe -- Bethlehem
December 3, 1923
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Activity on Steel Field Saturday
From what could be learned yesterday Bethlehem F. C. will oppose another invader on the Steel lot on Saturday afternoon. The opponent is said will be the Newark F. C., a club that in a recent National Cup match eliminated the Trenton F. C. The game will be an American League affair and one that promises to be highly attractive. It will be a relief to have the Bethlehems appear against another opponent other than the Phillies, the latter a team that was met in the last three consecutive starts. Not that the Phillies failed to produce a good opposition but the game assumed the aspect of entirely too much of the same stuff. The Newark Club, if we have it right, is an aggregation of soccer players mustered together by those veterans Sam Fletcher and Tommy Murray, both of whom will probably be seen in the lineup pitted against their former teammates.

"Whitey" Fleming Beating Father Time
Father Time seems to have no terrors for "Whitey" Fleming, the J & P Coats outside left, who continues to surprise the soccer critics with the terrific pace he can carry. When "Whitey" severed relations with the local clan several season ago his leaving was regretted but it was assumed that his playing days were numbered and that the speedy performer on the left wing was due for a decline. Not so, however, for today "Whitey" is leading the field in the individual scoring in the American Soccer League. Just how long Fleming has been active in soccer in this country no one seems to know definitely but his tenure of service in the sport can be partially gleaned from the following comment picked up in reference to his excellent record:

"We recall, many, many years ago, when "Whitey" was with Disston and also Wissinoming. He was not a young star even in those days. Since then he has given Bethlehem about ten years of his service and is playing just as well as ever with Coats this season, according to the reports.

"Fleming is fortunate, inasmuch as he always took good care to keep in condition. Those who have seen "Whitey" play some of his sensational games and score some brilliant goals on the left wing have seldom if ever seen him give a poor exhibition.

"It used to be the slogan when Fleming was with the Bethlehem machine that all the opposition should accomplish successfully was to spot Fleming and the rest was easy. However, in those days the Steel Workers also had some nifty players, but Fleming was so flashy with his dribbling, coupled with his submarine shots from the side lines that he was always a favorite with the spectators.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club