The Globe -- Bethlehem
December 3, 1923
Philadelphia F. C. Is Eliminated In a National Cup Tie Game On Saturday.


by Fred Nonnemacher
Any doubt relative to the superiority of the Bethlehem F. C. over the Philadelphia F. C. was decisively dispelled at the conclusion of the ninety minutes of hostilities on the Steel Field on Saturday afternoon when the Steel Workers, by virtue of their 5 to 0 victory over the Phillies, continued in the race for the National Cup honors, while the visitors, by their defeat, were entirely eliminated. The game was a third round cup affair.

To Bethlehem goes the distinction of eliminating the Phillies in both cup affairs -- the National and American cup competitions -- having defeated the Quakers in the latter competition the week previous by a margin of one goal. While the attendance was hardly one befitting such a tilt, nevertheless, it was the biggest of the season, and what the fans lacked in number was more than made up in enthusiasm.

Capt. Carnihan was unable to start, but the position of center halfback was not in the least impaired, when the finished McGregor assumed the burden. It was on the forward line that a drastic late minute substitution was forced. Grainger is ill and Maxwell was expected to fill in on the left wing. Before the game Maxwell, too, complained of illness and Rattray was shifted from Halfback with McFarlane taking his place.

The Jackson brothers, the pair of invincible Bethlehem forwards, wreaked all the damage insofar as the scoring was concerned, for between these two speedy players was all the scoring confined. Walter, the elder of the two, had the edge on his eighteen-year-old brother with a total of three goals. On two other occasions Walter located the net with terrific shots, but on both of these the referee ruled offside.

The Phillies showed best in the early minutes of play and tried desperately to get the drop on the Bethlehem team with a one goal lead. They pressed hard and Braidford, the visitors' center forward, proved very elusive and several times got past the veteran, "Jock" Ferguson, only to have his parting shot turned back by Highfield. Three or four shots were rained at Highfield in the brief interval of the first ten minutes, but the elongated Bethlehem goalie, in his apparently easy and deliberate manner, frustrated these early attempts. On a beautiful drive from Bolton at close range, McFarlane cleared brilliantly with his head.

Finally Bethlehem got possession and passed to Goldie, who carried the ball down the field, passing the McGregor within vicinity of goal. The defense that was making every effort to bottle up Jackson for the instant was drawn from the quarry and in that instant McGregor shot the ball to Jackson, whose terrific drive into the corner of the net had Ward completely beaten.

The Phillies were by no means through, for an instant later Braidford received a beautiful cross from Andrews, but hurried in his parting shot the ball sailed over the bar. Were Goldie more accurate in his parting shots, Bethlehem would have closed the half with a well established lead, but for some reason or other he had difficulty in locating the net. This was emphatically illustrated by the latter half of the opening period, when after a brilliant display of dribbling, the ball to close range, his shot went high over the bar. Highfield shortly after carried the plaudits of the crowd when he dove head foremost to save a hard shot from Braidford. Again the ball swung to the Phillies' end of the field and again it was Goldie who took it to the very mouth of the net, but missed by inches. Bethlehem continued with bombardment and for a few minutes Ward was about the busiest man on the field. HE saved on a drive from A. Jackson. An instant later Rattray missed by inches on a cross from Jackson and the pressing finally ended when the Phillies conceded a corner. Turner placed nice, but A. Jackson headed over the bar. The half ended with a torrid scrimmage in front of the visitors' net in which Goldie twice headed over the bar and was followed by A. Jackson, who did likewise as the half ended.

Inspired by the success in holding Bethlehem to one goal in the opening period, the Phillies continued their stubborn defense, but this soon began to wilt after twelve minutes of play, when A. Jackson, on a cross from Goldie, headed into the net. From then on the Phillies were most exclusively on the defense for Bethlehem was pressing hard, and with a determination to score. W. Jackson shook off the visiting backs and Ward came out to block his effort, but the flashy center forward seemed to have no trouble in driving the ball into the open net. On this play the referee ruled offside against Bethlehem and the goal did not count.

The Phillies flashed but once more, but in that dying spurt, made the most determined effort of the game to score and came very near succeeding. T he individual who frustrated the opportunity was "Jock" Ferguson with the most spectacular play of the day, when he thrust forth his foot and stopped a certain goal.

Then Bethlehem's scoring machine got busy and with a space of six minutes increased their total to five goals. W. Jackson beating the backs and drawing out Ward, the Phillies' goalie, drove into an unprotected net. Again it was W. Jackson who counted, this time heading into the net after Ward had cleared on a cross from Goldie. The final counter came from the boot of A. Jackson, who, easily eluding the visitors' defense, also brought ward from between the sticks in an effort to block his kick, but with the grace and elusiveness of his elder brother seemed to have little trouble shooting by.

The visitors' defense was completely demoralized by this time and, to add to the state of affairs, McClure, who, with Braidford, starred for the visitors on the forward line, injured his shoulder and was unable to continue. The Phillies played the last twenty minutes with ten men, but Bethlehem did not take advantage of this handicap, seemingly well content with the five goals counted. The lineup:

Bethlehem -- Philadelphia
Highfield -- G -- Ward
D. Ferguson -- RFB -- Burnett
J. Ferguson -- LFB -- Graham
McFarlane -- RHB -- Nicholson
McGregor -- CHB -- Clark
Terris -- LHB -- McDonald
Turner -- OR -- McClure
A. Jackson -- IR -- Bolton
W. Jackson -- CF -- Braidford
Rattray -- IL -- Curran
Goldie -- OL -- Fullerton
Goals: W. Jackson, 3; A. Jackson, 2. Referee: P. J. Howley. Linesmen: Brown for Philadelphia; Morrison for Bethlehem. Time of halves, 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club