The Globe South Bethlehem
Friday, December 4, 1914 page 10
Philadelphia Ranger tomorrow will play Bethlehems, an American League game, on East End field. The game will start at 3 p.m. The locals will put as strong a team as possible on the field. Bethlehems will line-up as follows: Scaife, goal; Fletcher, right fullback; Lance, left fullback; Campbell, right halfback; Clarke, center halfback; Lawlor, left halfback; Ford, outside right; Graham, inside right; Millar, center forward; Pepper, inside left; Fleming, outside left. On account of the Victor F. C. being unable to play second round American Cup game next Sunday with Yonkers F. C. it has agreed to play a league game tomorrow with the Disston F. C. Hibernian will play the Victor Talking Machine Co. of Camden and West Philadelphia will play the Falls. Negotiations are now under way between the local club and several prominent clubs in Quincy, Boston, New Bedford, New York and Newark with a view to the local champion making a tour during the holidays in the New England states.
Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club