The Globe -- South Bethlehem
Monday, December 4, 1916
Beats New Bedford 2-1
Pepper's Goal in Closing Minutes Downs Visitors in Fast Contest

Ideal weather on Saturday drew 2,000 soccer fans to the Bethlehem Steel company's new field to witness Bethlehem Steel, champion of America, defeat New Bedford, champion of the New England states, by the score of 2 goals to 1. Pepper's goal in the closing minutes won the game. The score does not indicate in the least how the game was played or how often throughout the contest Bethlehem Steel tried to score from scrimmages in front of the visitors' goal. Bethlehem had twenty-six tries at goal and the visitors eight. A few of the latter came near to being goals. Bethlehem forced nine corner kicks and New Bedford six, neither side being able to convert the kicks into goals.

The game started with the visitors defending the west end goal and Bethlehem facing the sun. For the first ten minutes the ball see-sawed up and down the field, each team giving a beautiful exhibition of footwork. After McKelvey booted in the ball for Bethlehem's first goal, Haworth being unable to save.

Bethlehem kept up an aggressive game and Haworth saved again and again. Several corner kicks for both sides netted no points. About twenty-five minutes after the restart, Harrison, center forward for New Bedford, evened the score, Duncan not being able to save.

Shortly before the game ended, Pepper headed the ball into the net for Bethlehem's second goal, Haworth slipping. Lineup:

New Bedford -- Bethlehem
Haworth -- G -- Duncan
Dixon -- RFB -- Fletcher
Raines -- LFB -- Ferguson
Hodson -- RHB -- Murray
Beardsorth -- CHB -- Campbell
Hague -- LHB -- Morrison
Murphy -- OR -- McKelvey
Wilson -- IR -- Pepper
Harrison -- CF -- Clark
Shaw -- IL -- Forrest
Brittan -- OL -- Fleming
Goals -- McKelvey, Harrison, Pepper. Referee: W. Hinds, Philadelphia. Linesmen, Klemm, New Bedford; Kirkpatrick, Bethlehem Steel. Time of halves, 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club