The Globe -- Bethlehem
December 6, 1923
He Is Only Doubtful Player To Start Against Newark on Saturday

"Bill" Carnihan is the only Bethlehem player who is a doubtful starter in Saturday's game against Newark at the Steel field. He suffered an injury in the league game against he Phillies three weeks ago and despite the efforts of the trainer he may be forced to watch the game from the sidelines for this weekend. Newark will field their strongest team on Saturday and Bethlehem will have anything but an easy time despite the relative positions of the teams in the league table. Both teams are still in the running for the National Cup and it is quite possible that they will clash in the next round so that Saturday's league game should have the additional interest of furnishing a means of comparison for the greatest of all soccer honors.

The undoubtedly strong defense should be tested to the limit on Saturday and the local defense cannot afford to take liberties with the veteran Heminsley and the young and fast players on each side of him.

Soccer Notes.

The American League schedule for this weekend is as follows: Saturday, Bethlehem vs. Newark, at Bethlehem. Philadelphia vs. Newark, at Philadelphia.

Sunday: Newark vs. Bethlehem, at Newark. National Giants vs. J & P Coats at Polo Grounds, New York. Brooklyn vs. Fall River, at Fall River.

A. Jackson is the only Bethlehem player in the first ten of the leading goal scorers in the league but his brother Walter will soon be in the select circle if he maintains the form he displayed against Philadelphia in the National Cup game at the Steel field last Saturday.

Goal average is a strong point of interest to the soccer fan but the real player forgets about averages when he steps on the field. Walter Jackson could [. . . ] have located the net on two more occasions at the expense of the Phillies last Saturday but he apparently considered three enough for the day. Teamwork is the main thing that counts and the entire Bethlehem line will pass up a chance to shoot if someone else is in a better position to score.

Bethlehem have lost 12 goals in 7 games and their opponents in Saturday's game have lost 11 in 5 games. This would seem to indicate that there is not much to chose between the opposing defenses.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club