The Globe-Times – Bethlehem
Monday, December 6, 1926
Hard and Snow Covered Pitch Not to the Liking of League Leaders.

Bethlehem’s streak of consecutive victories in the American Soccer League race was halted at Boston on Saturday afternoon where under decidedly adverse conditions brought about by the elements, the Steelworkers bowed to defeat to the strong Hubmen by the score of 2 goals to 0.

A snow storm swept the New England States on Saturday afternoon left a soccer pitch snow covered and an extremely hard frozen surface. To add in handicapping the players and to the discomfiture of the spectators a strong gale swept down the field from the start to the finish of the game.

Took No Chances

Bethlehem could not get going on the slippery and treacherous surface and players who had recently recovered from injury and illness were reluctant to take any undue chance. The machine did not function with the true championship stride that has marked its campaigning in the American Soccer League race this year, with the result that the Hubmen were the better club on the day’s play.

There was one Bethlehem player who frequently earned the plaudits of the Boston fans. He was Dave Edwards, goalie, whose sensational work between the uprights was probably the greatest display it has ever been the lot of Hub patrons to witness. In spite of the two goals that reached the net, Edwards’ performance was one of his best this season.

Playing with the wind and sun to its advantage, Boston made the most of the opportunity in the first half of the game. Bethlehem started with a rush but soon relinquished and Boston assumed the upper hand. After fifteen minutes of play the Hubmen had slightly the better of the exchanges and after eighteen minutes had notched a goal. From a free kick, McNab opened the scoring with a rocket drive which glanced off Eadie’s leg in its passage into the net.

Edwards Saves Many

Edwards saved miraculously during the sustained pressure of the Hub team, the Bethlehem goal man being applauded for brilliant saves from Blair, NcNab and Ballantine.

Bethlehem had the wind to its advantage in the second half, but was unable to locate the Hub net. Several opportunities on parting shots went dangerously close but were not delivered with the accuracy usually executed by the Bethlehem front liners. Edwards was the minute man again in the second half, handling several hard dives of which he saved a great shot from Fleming and also saved sensationally on a wicked shot from Blair.

Neither one of the Boston’s two goals were of the clean delivered variety. The first was made possible by a free kick, the ball glancing off Eadie’s leg and completely out of Edwards’ reach.

IN the closing minutes of play the Hubmen tallied their second counter when Carnihan handled inside the penalty area and Barney Battles converted the spot kick with an unsaveable shot. The lineup:

Boston – Bethlehem
Davidson – G -- Edwards
McMillan – RFB -- Barrie
McArthur – LFB -- Eadie
Battles – RHB -- McDonald
Priestley – CHB -- Carnihan
R. Ballantine – LHB -- McGregor
McNab – OR -- Jaap
Nilsen – IL -- Rankin
Blair – C -- Stark
J. Ballantine – IL -- Forrest
Fleming – OL -- Goldie
Goals: McNab, Battles. Substitutions: Robertson for Forrest. Referee: William Norse, Linesmen: J. Haslan and R. Mills. Time of halves: 45 minutes.

Sunday Game Called

The Bethlehem soccer team journeyed from Boston to Providence for a game at the latter place on Sunday afternoon. However, a driving snow storm starting early Sunday morning and continuing throughout the day made the game unplayable. The game will be played on a later date.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club