The Globe South Bethlehem
Monday, December 7, 1914

The Bethlehems defeated the Philadelphia Ranger on Saturday by the big score of 7-0, thereby boosting its goal average and also adding two valuable points in its league standings. The game in the first half was very evenly contested. Ranger with a strong wind at its back held the champion to 1 goal which Millar the local center forward got just before half time. On the restart Bethlehem gave the Ranger defense a hot 45 minutes in which some very exciting football was witnessed. The champion scored 6 goals in this half. Millar getting 3; Ford 1; Pepper 1 and Clarke 1.

Ranger scored a goal but the referee ruled that the player was offside and would not allow the point.

Next Saturday Bethlehems will play Peabody F. C. in the second round of the National competition.

The line-up:

Ranger Bethlehems.
Bradley goal -- Scaife
Bone right full -- Fletcher
Hainsworth left full -- Lance
H. Cooper right half -- Campbell
B. Cooper center half -- Clarke
Faulkner inside half -- Lawlor
Sance outside right -- Ford
Russell inside right -- Graham
Brown center full Millar
Anthony inside left Pepper
Beattle outside left -- Fleming
Linesmen, Walter, Philadelphia; Harrison, Bethlehems. Goal, Millar 4; Pepper, 1; Ford, 1; Clarke, 1. Teferee. A. Barnford, Philadelphia, Time of halves, 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club