The Globe -- South Bethlehem
Thursday, December 7, 1916

The American Football Association met last night in the Continental Hotel, Newark, N. J. Duncan Carswell, president of the association, was appointed delegate in charge of the game at Bethlehem on Saturday, by Disston, Philadelphia, and Bethlehem Steel Co., in the second round of the American Cup series. David M. White, Brooklyn, will referee. The game must start at 2:45 p.m.

The Disston management has gotten together one of the strongest aggregations of soccer stars in the history of that club . IN goal, they have Pierce, considered by many the best goalkeeper in the east; McLaughlin and Small, fullbacks without doubt two of the best in the Philadelphia district; Dutcher at right half, is a young dashing player and a comer; Fisher at center half, is a veteran who formerly played with the West Philadelphia team, he is a heady player; Fullerton, who fills left halfback, is an old partner of Fisher, on the West Philadelphia team, and these two players work well together; Coursey and Barrett, the right wing, were members of the Hibernians last year, they are both fast aggressive players and will give the Bethlehem defense many anxious moments.

Lynch, the new center forward, recently obtained by Disston from Canada, is quoted as one of the best finds of the season. The inside left position seems a little uncertain but it is expected that either Rodgers or McEwan will play there as both are extremely good men. Andrews at outside left is sure to cause a lot of trouble and is a very dangerous man near goal.

The members of the local team are training hard and all the members are in good shape with the exception of Ratican who is still suffering because of a wrenched knee and will probably be out of the game for two or three weeks.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club