The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, December 7, 1925
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Soccer Fans Thrilled
While the attendance at the soccer game on Saturday afternoon when Bethlehem Steel F. C. defeated J & P Coats was fair, it was not commensurate with the brand of soccer displayed. However, lacking in numbers, the management was partly consoled with the spirit of enthusiasm and interest given by the frequent outburst of applause. The game, at least, in the first half, was one of the finest witnessed this season, with thrills galore as the players manipulated some of the best soccer witnessed here this season. Rain in the second half marred the cleverness of the previous session, but by no means robbed the game of the determined attitude. Soccer attendances in this city would be materially larger if the outdoor fan gave himself the opportunity of witnessing a few games. However, there seems to be an ingrown idea that there is nothing to the contest to create a thrill. It can be granted that one game would hardly stimulate any unusual thrills. Soccer is growing in popularity in practically every other district where it is played. attendances run high in the thousands witness the contest. It is perhaps that local sportsmen are for some reason or other prejudiced against the sport here. If that is the case, it is an unfortunate situation, for in the Bethlehem team the Steel City has a major club, one that is the finest in the country and has brought not only national but international recognition to the city. It is at least worth a trial and many are convinced that once familiar with the sport, it will prove quite appetizing. The Steel Workers closed shop on Saturday for a two week absence. Their next home stand will be December 19 against New Bedford.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club