The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, December 7, 1925
Levine Now a Steel Booter and Davy Ferguson Goes to Floor-makers

One of the player transfers rumored in the American Soccer League for several weeks was consummated on Saturday when Eric Levine, a right fullback with the Indiana Flooring eleven, come to Bethlehem and Davy Ferguson, one of the Ferguson brothers with the Bethlehem clan, became an Indiana floor maker. This transfer, it is understood was hanging in balance since the visit of Indiana to Bethlehem the week previous and consummated to the apparent satisfaction of the clubs involved. It was purely a trade with no financial consideration involved.

Davy Here Four Years

The transfer was left optional to Ferguson, who has been a Steel Worker for four season and when he approved of the trade, Levine, it became known, was equally as anxious to affiliate with the Steel crowd. Levine was on hand to take a place on the team for Saturday's game against Coats. Ferguson, too, was in New York while Levine remained idle, not so with Ferguson, who was immediately pressed into service and played against Philadelphia. The came was won by Indiana Flooring by the score of 12 to 1.

Ferguson, a brother of the veteran Jock joined the Bethlehem forces four years ago and during his first two seasons his work at the right fullback position was the sensation of the league. He seemed at his best when playing with his brother Jock for these two players seemingly had a thorough understanding amongst them. When the elder Ferguson was relieved more or less from active service, the younger brother did not seem to measure the stride of his first two seasons. Somewhat temperamental a change of scenery and associations may benefit him. His loss to Bethlehem is fully appreciated as a sterling player and he left with the well wishes of the club and players.

However, in Levine the Steel Workers secure a fullback who should add much strength to the Bethlehem defenses. He is strong, fast and a powerful chap. Levine stands 5 feet, 11 inches in height and weighs in the neighborhood of 190 pounds. It is believed that with his acquisition, the defensive department of the local team will be stronger than it has been in the last several seasons.

The newcomer is a Swedish player and for two seasons was identified as the right fullback with Indiana Flooring. Before joining Indiana he was a star player in his home country and represented Sweden as an amateur in the International games.

Levine will probably get his first introduction in a game as a Steel Worker against Coats on the latter's field this coming weekend. Bethlehem is booked for two hard games, opening with the thread spinners at Pawtucket on Saturday and following this with a meeting with Fall River on Sunday. Levine will alternate with Berryman at the right full position while the veteran Jock Ferguson will pair off with Allen at left fullback.

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