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Monday, December 8, 1913 - Front Page
Opponents Scored By Use of Rough and Unsportsmanlike Tactics - Referee Unable to Control Home Players - Fleming Scored all of Bethlehem's Goals.

The champion Bethlehems team upheld its undefeated record on Saturday against the champions of Western Pennsylvania on the great Forbes field, Pittsburgh, winning by the score of 3-2. The game was bitter fought from the start to the finish, and it was not until an extra 30 minutes had been played that Bethlehems scored the winning goal and proved to the excited spectators that Braddock, their champion had been beaten, and that East proved beyond a doubt its superiority over the West. The game toward the close became very rough and unsportsmanlike due to the inability of the referee to take complete control and the Braddock players deliberately fouled and attempted to injure Bethlehems' players, several of whom will be out of the game for two or three weeks as a result.

The game started promptly at 3 p.m. and Bethlehems started off in whirlwind fashion, their passing and combination completely upsetting the Braddock defense. Bethlehem kept the ball continually in Braddock's territory for the first 15 minutes and missed at least six chances of scoring goal by shooting over the bar. However, after 15 minutes of play, Fleming scored for Bethlehems and continued to press until half-time ended with the score 1-0 in favor of Bethlehems.

On the restart Braddock changed its tactics and started to rough it and very soon several of Bethlehems' best men were out of the game for a time and it was entirely due to this that Braddock scored. The Bethlehems boys, however, pluckily resumed play and they went at it during the last 15 minutes with a dash that completely swept Braddock off its feet and seven minutes from the time Fleming scored the winning goal.

The fighting spirit and training of the Bethlehems team was never better demonstrated tan on Saturday in Pittsburgh and too much credit cannot be given the Bethlehems team for its great victory away from home. Every man on the Bethlehems team did splendid work. Fleming starring by scoring all three of Bethlehems goals. Line-up:

Bethlehem - Braddock
Love - g -- Marshall
McKelvey -- R.F.B. -- Blackwood
Peacock -- L.F.B. -- Howe
Stewart -- R.H.B. -- Beading
Morrison -- C.H.B. -- Kelly
Lawler -- L.H.B. -- White
Galbraith -- O.R. -- Anderson
Lewis -- I.R. -- Rathway
Lance -- C.F. -- Stevenson
Donaghy -- I.L. -- Lewther
Fleming -- O.L -- McCann
Referee I. Wilson. Linesmen: Garvey and Lafferty. Goals - Fleming 3, Kelly 1, McCann.

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