The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
December 8, 1924
Inaccurate Goal Shooting Cost Local Soccer Team Victory On Saturday.

By F. S> Nonnemacher
Taking advantage of every opportunity while Bethlehem Steel's many chances went amiss the New York Giants on Saturday invaded this city and after thrilling and hard fought hostilities on the Steel Field departed with a 2 to 1 victory over the Steel Workers in an American Soccer League game.

The score hardly indicates the run of the game for with the exception of a few breakaways the Giants were for the most part battling desperately on the defense in frustrating the efforts of the Steel Workers. A goal scored by Bremner in the first half gave the Giants first blood and to this was added a penalty in the second after forty-five minutes of play, who had the Steel Workers 2 up before the home clan got busy and notched the first and only .

Satisfied with their two goal lead the visitors resorted to every available strategy to protect the advantage and more than once when the pressure became threatening booted the ball far and hard out of the playing zone.

Four players stood out prominently and one in particular who helped to wreck the ambition of the local clan was "Bob" Millar, former Steel Worker, playing on the visitor's forward line. In soccer Millar could be compared with the roving center in football for he by no means confined his activities to any one position but roved at will and proved more effective in defending than on the forward line. Then too, the Giants had two excellent backs, Reynolds and Kelly, the latter in particular who gave Guedert, in goal, excellent support.

Archie Stark, leading American League goal scorer, was decidedly off color in his shooting and so was Turner.

Bethlehem played the first half with the wind against them but that did not seem in the least to affect the forward movements. Immediately after the kickoff, the Giants broke away and Brown, the most brilliant and dangerous forward on the visitors' front line, shot for goal. On the rebound Millar's effort went by.

Then Bethlehem initiated a movement that ended when the ball was cleared after the first of many torrid scrimmages in front of the visitors' goal. "Sturdy" Maxwell, with one of the prettiest individual efforts ever witnessed on the Steel Field, trickled through the Giant team until close to the visitors' goal w here he deftly passed to Stark; the latter evading the backs, Geudert in saving conceded a corner and again Bethlehem threatened when Robertson crossed beautifully. Geudert cleared successfully on Turner's header and an instant later when a score seemed inevitable batted the ball away on another Robertson shot. The attacked ended when Kelly, in saving conceded a corner and Robertson's cross was shot by. Once again Maxwell thrilled when individually he carried the ball from midfield and this time Reynolds, in clearing, conceded a corner on which Geudert saved on a header from Turner.

Thirty minutes of play was consumed when the Giants notched their first goal. The counter came on one of the few breakaways of the visitors. Brown, a continual source of worriment to Bethlehem backs, carried the ball down the wing and shot for goal. Ferguson blocked the ball which on the rebound went directly to the toe of Bremner who shoved it past Highfield on the ground. AN instant later Stark missed the opportunity to equalize when with no one to beat but Geudert his shot went by. And Turner's shot later also missed the mark.

Highfield, usually reliable, probably erred and paved the way for the Giants' second counter, when it seemed he needlessly left goal to intercept a shot. Brown, the Giants' dangerous outside left, broke away and eluding the halfbacks was carrying the ball toward the Bethlehem goal. "Jock" Young and "Bill" Carnihan were closing in on him and seemed fully able to cope with the situation when Highfield, it seemed, needlessly left his goal. Davy Ferguson rushed into the breach just as Brown took his shot and Ferguson to save was forced to use his hands. The result was a penalty and Brown taking the shot lifted the ball high into the corner of the net. Had Highfield been there to save instead of Ferguson, Bethlehem, by scoring later, would at least have equalized and shared the points.

Finally with but fifteen minutes to go Bethlehem counted but even then the tally did not come on a clean shot. McDonald crossed to Stark close to the goal mouth and the Bethlehem center forward headed toward the net. Kelly was in the path but before he could clear the ball diverted off his body into the net.

The breaks that had been decidedly against Bethlehem throughout the game were most pronounced in the last minute of play when Bethlehem was conceded corner. Robertson taking the kick curved the ball directly in front of the goal mouth from where it was diverted into the net. Bethlehem adherents went wild with joy thinking the goal had counted but gloom prevailed when Referee Young disallowed the goal contending that Robertson's kick had sailed by and then curved into the playing field. And thus Bethlehem lost an excellent opportunity of splitting the points while the New Yorkers garnered one of the few victories ever taken from Bethlehem on the home field. The lineup:

Bethlehem Steel -- New York Giants
Highfield -- G -- Geudert
Ferguson -- RFB -- Reynolds
Young -- LFB -- Kelly
MacGregor -- RHB -- Scott
Carnihan -- CHB -- Parks
McDonald -- LHB -- Meyerdirks
Turner -- OR -- Cameron
Granger -- IR -- Bremner
Stark -- CF -- Poxson
Maxwell -- IL -- Millar
Robertson -- OL -- Brown
Goals -- Bremner, Brown (penalty), Stark. Referee: George Young, Philadelphia. Linesmen -- Mandell and MacFarlane. Time of halves -- 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club