The Globe -- Bethlehem
December 8, 1924
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Drinking the Dregs of a Bitter Defeat
Bethlehem Steel soccer players, unless one misses a guess, will be about as friendly and congenial this week as the crabbiest of all crabby grouches. An attitude inspired by the unexpected setback experienced at the hands of the New York Giants in their tilt on the Steel Field on Saturday afternoon, a setback which meant the loss of two points in the American League race while each of the rival contenders collected points and separated the margin of difference in the race. Analysis of the game would reveal that Bethlehem had twenty opportunities to score against one for the visitors but the latter made good on their few chances while Bethlehem failed miserably. The brilliancy of the Steel Workers in carrying the ball to the vicinity of the Giants' goal was offset by the poor finishing. It surely is poor when crack shots miss open goals and an opportunity to score. On the run of the game Bethlehem was at least five or six goals better than the Giants but then it's actual counters that count and the Giants were fortunate in notching the necessary tallies to collect the points. Bethlehem is by no means hopelessly out of the race but must throw in high and grab off a couple victories to resume the commanding position held before the unexpected upset of Saturday. Many miscues were apparent, miscues that had a vital effect on the outcome of the game.

National Champions Again Deadlocked For League Lead
While Bethlehem is nursing the sting of defeat Fall River players and adherents, friendly enemies and a little bit more to the local clan, are rejoicing the success of their Eastern invasion. Fall River entertained in this district over the last weekend, playing Fleisher to a draw on Saturday and the following day collected two points at the expense of Indiana Flooring. The three points garnered again deadlocked the National championship with Boston for the league lead, each with a total of 27 points, or three more than the Bethlehem total, the Steel Workers now riding in third place. J & P Coats is a close fourth, lacking but two points of the Bethlehem total and it will be interesting to note that these two teams will battle for third position on the Steel Field next Saturday.

Patching Up "Jimmy" Fryer's Differences
"What's good for the goose is good for the gander" seems to be the attitude of the American Soccer League executives and representatives. We have reference to the Fryer-Maxwell incident at Fall River several weeks ago when both players were ushered off the field and Fryer by his apologies since has practically acknowledged his guilt in violating the soccer code. Maxwell, on position of the local management, was reinstated after the Bethlehem version had been submitted to all league representatives. Fall River petition for the reinstatement of Fryer, although submitting no version of the affair. Fryer did not appear against Fleisher Yarn on Saturday and it was taken for granted that the application for reinstatement was held in abeyance pending the next league meeting. However, against Indiana Flooring the Fall River halfback was in his position on the halfback line, indicating that the league relented in regards to Fryer. If disgraceful and unsportsmanlike conduct, such as was enacted at Fall River, is to be treated that lightly, the future of soccer is jeopardized. If a player can resort to fisticuffs before a big crowd of fans and be reinstated it threatens to encourage such conduct rather than keep the game clean. It will be interesting to note the final disposition of the case when the league executives get together for their regular meeting on December 13.

Popularity Again Attested by Invitation
The popularity of the Bethlehem Steel soccer team is again attested by an invitation received from the St. Louis district for a two game series to be played in St. Louis during the Christmas holidays. Just before the games on Saturday the management displayed a telegram inviting Bethlehem Steel to that district together with a flattering guarantee to cover all expenses. Bethlehem has in the past been the recipient of more such invitations than probably the combined number issued to all the eastern clubs and speaks volumes of the sportsmanship and popularity of the local club with the fans elsewhere. Whether the trip will be made is yet to be decided. Last year a similar invitation was received but had to be ignored for the reason that the Steel Workers were involved in a fourth round National cup competition with the New York F. C. It will be recalled that a draw game resulted on the Steel Field on Christmas Day and the replay was scheduled for the following Sunday. Bethlehem is scheduled again for a Christmas Day game and to accept the invitation would mean leaving immediately after the game. Weekend league games, if any are scheduled, could probably be postponed to a later date. If the invitation is accepted it will be the fourth trip for the Steel Workers to the St. Louis district.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club