The Globe – Bethlehem
Monday, December 9, 1918
New York Shipbuilders In Cup Game Lose on Saturday by Score of 2 to 0.

The Bethlehem F. C. annexed the first victory of the season in the American Cup competition on Saturday afternoon when after a contest replete with thrills, the New York “Ship” went down to defeat on the Bethlehem Steel athletic field, 2 goals to none. Not until long after the start of the contest were the champions able to penetrate the sterling defense presented by “Dick” Spaulding and “Aleck” McLaughlin and sent the ball crashing through for the first count.

When Manager Bowe expressed a confidence that the defeat in the National competition served only to spur the shipbuilders to greater effort he made no mistake for it took ever wit of generalship the Steel Workers had at their command to registered the glowing victory. It was a hard fight from the beginning to the end and time and again as the game progressed Bethlehem advanced to a position to shoot across a goal either to have Neff make a wonderful save or McLaughlin or Spaulding breaking up the play. The latter two, well acquainted with the style of the Bethlehem players, especially paid attention to the efforts of “Whitey” Fleming and Harry Ratican, and more than once broke up a combination of plays that usually resulted in scores. Neff was invincible in front of the net and several of his saves were nothing less than sensational. The shipbuilders were minus the services of Tommy Swords, who had, it was reported, returned to his home at Fall River, Mass.

The victory in the first round gave the locals a good start in the American Cup race and like in all other competitions the Steel Workers are leading in the circuits. Incidentally the contest was another in which no score was registered, making five games in which the Steel Workers’ opponents were unable to reach the goal.

Fisher won the toss and Ratican kicked off for the Steel Workers. A raid by the Bethlehem left wing ended in Fleming putting across a nice center. Ratican missed a good opportunity to score in the first minute through hesitation, Spaulding relieving him of the ball when about to shoot. New York broke away and Robinson sent the ball behind form long range. Once more Bethlehem returned to the attack and Fleming’s shot missed the upright. Pollitt broke away and Fletcher cleared and Campbell got possession and placed nicely to Butler, but the later overran the ball and a goal seemed imminent. A nice movement by the Shipbuilders’ forward line ended in forcing a corner. Forrest cleared, but Robinson got possession and centered nicely. Fletcher cleared, but the Shipbuilders continued to attack and Pollitt just missed the upright. Bethlehem now took up the running, but a foul against Butler held them up. Campbell got possession and placed to McKelvey, but the latter was called up for offside when apparently in good position. A foul against Brigham looked bad for the Shipbuilders, but Neff cleverly saved Butler’s parting shot. Two shots in rapid succession from Forrest and Ratican went wide and Duncan was called upon to save in the next minute, which he did cleverly. A foul against Spaulding outside the penalty area looked bad for the Shipbuilders but Campbell’s shot hit the bar and Fleming sent the rebound wide of the goal. Bethlehem was now attacking with great vigor and Forrest sent a beautiful drive just over the bar. A foul against Ratican relieved the pressure but Kemp was hustled in his parting shot and the ball missed the upright. Fleming sent a nice cross to Ratican but Spaulding cleared and the fullbacks had long exchanges. Both forward lines were giving their fullbacks too much leeway with the result that the players confined in the midfield for some time without any goal being in danger. A nice shot from Fleming was saved by Neff and the Shipbuilders once more bore down on Duncan. Two corners in rapid succession off Fletcher and Duncan looked bad for Bethlehem, but once more the defense prevailed and the Bethlehem forward line was soon making tracks for Neff. Spaulding and McLaughlin were playing in great form and broke up all efforts to settle down near goal. Once more the Shipbuilders’ backs had another corner off Fletcher, which looked bad, but Forrest cleared. Offside against McKelvey spoiled a nice movement and the visitors’ left wing carried the ball to Bethlehem territory. Peate forced a corner off Fletcher, but Duncan came out of the goal and made a good clearing and Ratican broke away with an individual run, but McLaughlin robbed him when he looked well placed. The Shipbuilder’s right wing broke away, but offside against Robinson helped Bethlehem and Forrest sent over the bar in the next minute. Kirkpatrick placed nicely to Fleming and the latter sent over a nice cross and Ratican just missed the upright by a hair. Campbell got possession of the kick-out and, placing to Butler, the latter drew the defense, who slipped the ball to Forrest, and being uncovered, opened the scoring with a beautiful drive with a shot that was going away from the goal tender all the time. This success came after thirty-two minutes of hard play and helped to steady the Steel Workers’ attack. Shots from Butler and Kirkpatrick looked dangerous but Neff was on the job and made fine clearances. Towards the close of the first half Duncan was called upon to save from Pollitt and Butler got possession of his own clearance, and placing to McKelvey the latter missed the upright with a wicked drive. Score at the end of the first half: Bethlehem 1, New York Ship 0.

The visitors started off with a rush in the second half, but Pollitt spoiled a good opening by getting offside. Waltemaite fouled McKelvey, but the foul was little advantage to Bethlehem, Fleming’s parting shot going high over the bar. Bethlehem again attacked, but Spaulding, who was given too much leeway, cleared easily and the visitors’ right wing broke away, but Ferguson intercepted Robinson’s cross and the danger was averted. A foul against Fisher for tripping Pepper helped the Steel Workers, but nothing came of it, and the visitors’ forwards executed the finest movement that they had shown during the game, swinging the ball across the field very cleverly. Fletcher and Ferguson were now playing a good defensive game and the visitors could not get settled for a shot at goal and nothing came of the attack. Waltemaite conceded a corner, but Fleming'’ shot went behind. Offside against Ratican spoiled a nice movement and Fletcher made a long clearance and went behind. Forrest and Fleming dribbled the ball down the left wing, but Fleming’s shot was easily handled by Neff. Pepper handled the ball around midfield and the visitors were soon around Duncan and another corner was forced against Bethlehem. Campbell cleared and Ratican broke away and crossed to Fleming but the latter overran the ball when in a good position to cross. At this stage Bethlehem was attacking with great vigor and Campbell placed nicely to McKelvey, who beat Spaulding and sent across a wicked drive. Fleming, following up, made the score two to nothing in favor of Bethlehem. This goal seemed to take the heart out of the visitors and their attack lost much of its steam. Bethlehem continued with the same determination as ever but the visitors’ defense was in great form, McLaughlin and Spaulding being particularly effective and repeatedly robbed the Bethlehem forwards when they showed any hesitation in shooting or passing the ball. A nice run by the visitors' right wing ended in Pollitt driving hard to Duncan, but the latter was on the job and brought off a clever save. A foul against Campbell helped the Shipbuilders, but Spaulding sent over the bar. Another movement by the Bethlehem left wing went for naught, Fleming’s shot being easily saved by Neff. Fisher fouled Ratican, but Spaulding cleared the right wing again attacked. Ferguson was too much for them, intercepting Kemp’s cross to Pollitt. A foul against Pollitt for roughing Campbell brought danger to the visitors’ goal, but McKelvey shot from too far out and the ball was easily cleared by Neff. Once more McKelvey missed a good chance, sending over the bar when Neff seemed helpless. The visitors’ halfbacks started a nice movement, which ended in Kemp shooting hard for Duncan, but the latter made a good clearance and Bethlehem again became aggressive but their parting shots lacked the necessary sting. Neff being given too much time to make a clearance. Toward the close of the game Fletcher was badly hurt, but despite this serious injury and suffering great pain, resumed playing after a minute’s rest. However, it was easily seen that he was of no further use to the tam, being unable to break up an attack of the left wing and the Bethlehem goal was seriously threatened, but no further scoring took place and a hard fought game ended with a victory for the champions by the score of two goals to nothing.


Bethlehem – New York Ship
Duncan – G -- Neff
Fletcher – R.F.B. -- McLaughlin
Ferguson – L.F.B. -- Spaulding
Pepper – R.H.B. -- Peters
Campbell – C.H.B. -- Fisher
Kirkpatrick – L.H.B. -- Waltemaite
McKelvey – O.R. -- Robinson
Butler – I.R. -- Kemp
Ratican – C.F. -- Pollitt
Forrest – I.L. -- Brigham
Fleming – O.L. -- Peate
Goals – Forrest and Fleming. Referee – Scott. Linesmen – Robinson, Shipbuilders; Morrison, Bethlehem. Two 45-minute halves.

Soccer Notes

Manager Bowe was quite pleased with the showing of the New York Ship and tried to arrange a contest with Manager H. E. Lewis to be staged in Philadelphia.

The work of Harry Ratican was not quite up to his usual playing standard. It is not believed that Harry has found himself since his recent illness but is shortly expected to be back in his old playing form.

“Whitey” Fleming was that closely guarded that his best efforts were frequently checked by the all-around work of “Dick” Spaulding.

Harry Pearce, of the Bristolites, is conceded about the fastest ever before the goal. However, his work had little, if anything, on the showing of Neff, the New York goal tender, who made several phenomenal saves. Duncan was also called upon several times to make hard saves.

A fair crowd was in attendance but not near the crowd the game warranted. Those who were there were treated to a fine display of soccer.

“We are doing better than the Canadians at that,” was the frequent comment of Manager Bowe, a good loser, as the game progressed. HE also took keen delight in the fact that the Shipbuilders forced more corners off the Steel Workers on their own field than any other opponents this season.

Butler found little chance to display his usual clever dribbling, being robbed of the ball on a good many occasions when he attempted this form of play.

George Kerr, of Philadelphia, was unable to come here to referee. Robert Scott was sent instead.

Fletcher met with a fall similar to the one that put Jimmy Easton out of the running. “Fletch” took a complete somersault, landing on his neck and shoulder. For a time it was feared that his injury was serious but after a few minutes rest he limped back on the field and resumed play.

The trip to California is practically a certainly, according to one of the officials of the team. However, many details are still to be adjusted, mainly, the financial end of such a trip. It is believed that the expense of taking the Steel Workers to California will total in the neighborhood of $6,000 and guarantees for this amount must be assured.

The soccer eleven of the New York Football Club was eliminated from the cup tie series of the American Football Association yesterday when it was beaten by the Paterson Football Club at Olympic Park, Paterson. The score was 3 to 1.

The Babcock & Wilcox soccer eleven defeated the Jersey A. C. at Bayonne, N. J., yesterday by 4 to 0. The victors qualified for the third round of the American Football Association’s Cup competition.

After a well contested game the Kinley F. C. defeated the Speedway F. C. by 1 goal to 0, in the Northern New Jersey Football Association series at Paterson yesterday.

Merchant Ship Association football team won their scheduled National League game, by forfeit from Scottish-American Club, of Newark, at Harriman yesterday, and in an exhibition game played, won 5 goals to 1. The Scots were only able to gather nine players because of illness of others and with the addition of two local players, they played the regular 45 minute halves.

Merchant Team B will tackle Bethlehem in the second round of the American Cup competition on the latter’s ground, next Saturday.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club