The Globe -- Bethlehem
December 9, 1924
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Stark Setting Pace In Scoring
That Archie Stark, center forward of the Bethlehem F. C. is in his element with the Steel Workers is readily gleaned by the remarkable goal shooting record he has established to date and in less than half the scheduled games played. Stark bids fair to run over his league leading mark of last season and any previous individual scoring established since the start of the American Soccer League. In eighteen games the Bethlehem center forward has piled up a total of 27 goals or an average of one and one-half goals for each game. If he continues this pace he will finish the season with the grand total of 66 goals. Archie Stark is truly the "Babe" Ruth of the soccer game and in securing the brilliant center forward the Steel Workers negotiated one of the biggest deals in American Soccer League history. Last season the Bethlehem scoring ace topped the league with a total of 24 goals, a mark that has already been shattered, while the year previous Dan McNiven piled up a total of 28 goals. In the previous league season the number of games played were limited to 28. This year the games scheduled are almost double the number with 42 listed to be played by each club.

Want "Jimmy" Fryer Reinstated
Following the initiative taken by Bethlehem Steel when the local management applied for the reinstatement of "Sturdy" Maxwell immediately after the Fryer-Maxwell incident at Fall River Sunday a week ago, Sam Marx, manager of the Fall River club has petitioned the American League executives for the reinstatement of Fryer pending a thorough hearing of the case by the league at a regular meeting to be held on December 13. Although required to make a statement on the Fall River version of the affair, the Fall River management has as yet failed to comply, stating only in their petition that "our team is badly crippled for want of players." It is doubtful that sufficient number of votes will be received and as a result the suspension of Fryer will remain intact until after the hearing of the league executives. However, the league officials have submitted a ballot to all the representatives in the league, asking them to respond immediately with a mail vote.

The Bethlehem Version of the Affair
Since the Fall River management failed to submit a statement on what occurred the team representative can be guided only by a previous statement received on the Bethlehem version of the affair and in that event the eight clubs that voted in favor of immediate reinstatement of Maxwell certainly could not with certainty cast a vote to the opposite which would be done in the event that Fryer was reinstated. Fall River is the best club in the league. Coffers sufficiently loaded to defray the expense of a European scouting expedition. Poverty surely does not exist there and if, as the management says, "our team is crippled for want of players," it is a condition for which the management is entirely responsible. If the appeal came from one of the weaker clubs, really limited in the numbers of players due to the limited finances available, a vote in favor might be inspired by sentiment. It is understood that Fryer has practically acknowledged his guilt in striking Maxwell by apologies after the game and otherwise. Under such convincing evidence reinstatement would mean less respect for the American League rules in the future.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club