The Globe -- Bethlehem
December 9, 1924
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Soccer Takes Center of Sports Spotlight
With the football season concluded soccer comes into its own and lovers of outdoor sports will be provided with plenty of high class entertainment during the winter months and early into spring. As an appetizer for what can be expected during the remainder of the soccer season and a game that goes on the boards as one promising the most brilliant display of soccer ever witnessed in this city will be played on the Bethlehem Steel lot tomorrow afternoon when the Steel Workers clash with the big Boston professional team. Much has been said about other rivals that have opposed Bethlehem but it can truly be said that no team ever invaded this city to battle the Steel Workers with a greater array of international talent than that included in the personnel of the Hubmen. Or a team so like the Bethlehem in their style of play that to witness the two teams in action is really a revelation of how the game should be played. The writer was fortunate in seeing the Boston team oppose the Steel Workers in an exhibition game early in the summer and even in that pre-season encounter before the players had been properly conditioned the exhibition of soccer was one of the best ever witnessed. Incidentally, Boston grabbed the laurels after Bethlehem had assumed and held the lead to half time. This will be the first visit of Boston to Bethlehem although the two teams met on a previous occasion in the league game at Boston. On the occasion the game ended a draw at two goals all. Soccer fans and more particularly those who have not yet been warmed up by the dribbling sport should not miss this opportunity of seeing probably two of the greatest teams in the country in action. Significant also is that both teams are contenders for the league honors, scarcely a point separating them in their positions and hardly more than a point or two difference with Fall River, the league leading club.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club