The Globe -- South Bethlehem
Monday, December 10, 1917
Game is Played in Severe Storm -- Four of Disston's

On Saturday at Franklin Field Bethlehem Steel defeated Disston three goals to two in a Red Cross game under weather conditions that called for endurance and determination greater than any in which the Steel Workers have ever taken part in, and that the game lasted as long as it did is a credit to both teams and particularly the Steel Workers who were willing and anxious to see the game go to the limit. Captain Pepper refusing repeatedly to consent to any curtailment of the second half and his actions was justified as the Steel Workers played the first half in the teeth of half a gale augmented by sleet and snow the game finally coming to an end when four Disston players left the field giving Referee Walders no other alternative but to sound the final whistle.

Captain Pepper won the toss and Ratican kicked off for the Steel Workers who immediately carried the ball to the Disston end and after some fine work by the entire forward line, Spalding was forced to concede a corner. Murphy took the kick but McLaughlin headed the ball out of danger and in a raid the Disston forward line ended, in Lynch opening the scoring with a shot that gave the goaltender no chance, the ball striking the post and rebounding into the net. On the restart, Bethlehem took up the running and in a few minutes Ratican put the finishing touch to a well concerted movement of the entire forward line. This success had its effect on the Steel Workers and they carried the ball to the Disston end despite the fierce gall and sleet but the finishing was not up to standard, several good opportunities being nullified by over anxiety and Disston scored a second goal in a rush similar to the first. Hyslop sending in a long shot that looked easy to save but the ball took a peculiar bound and landed in the net beyond the reach of goaltender Whelan. First half Disston 2, Bethlehem 1.

On the restart the Steel Workers took up the running and it was early apparent that the Disston lead was only a matter of minutes, shots raining in on Pearce from all angles and after ten minutes of play during which the Disston team crossed midfield only once Kirkpatrick equalized the score with a beautiful drive that had Pearce beaten from the start. Disston seemed to loose heart after this and the Steel Workers returned to the attack and after forcing several corners Ratican put the Steel Workers in the lead with a beautiful header from a free kick by Kirkpatrick. The Sawmakers struggled valiantly after this reverse but did not seem to be able to make any headway against the fierce weather conditions and after Pearce had several narrow escapes four of the Disston players left the field giving referee Walders no other alternative but to sound the final whistle. The score Disston 2; Bethlehem 3. The lineup:

Bethlehem -- Disston A. A.
Whelan -- G -- Pearce
Fletcher -- RFB -- McLaughlin
Ferguson -- LFB -- Spalding
Murray -- RHB -- Matthews
Campbell -- CHB -- Fisher
Kirkpatrick -- LHB -- Wilson
Murphy -- OR -- Andrews
Pepper -- IR -- Hyslop
Ratican -- CF -- Lynch
Easton -- IL -- Small
Fleming -- OL -- Barrett
Goals scored -- Ratican, 2; Kirkpatrick, Lynch, Hyslop. Referee -- James Walders. Linesmen -- George Young and Walter E. Hinds. Time of halves: 45 minutes and 25 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club