The Globe -- Bethlehem
December 10, 1923
Defeats Newark in League Game
Here Saturday 2 to 0 and Repeats

By winning both games from Newark over the weekend, the game on the Steel Field on Saturday afternoon by the score of 2 goals to none and again yesterday at Newark by the score of 4 to 3, the Bethlehem F. C. greatly improved its standing in the American Soccer League, moving into second place, one point below Fall River, the league leaders.

Bethlehem made two changes in the lineup that defeated Newark on Saturday. Grainger played at inside left in place of Maxwell and J. Ferguson playing at left fullback in place of his brother who moved to right, Young resting. Bethlehem took the lead early and the fans were treated to the finest display of finished soccer seen in Newark this season. A perfect understanding by the entire Bethlehem team kept the Newark team on the run for most of the first half. Newark tried desperately to initiate an attack but the Bethlehem half backs kept a good grip on the local attack and the brothers Ferguson were always on hand for a final clearance. Mathieson had little to do before the interval and the Steel Workers crossed over wit ha two goal margin.

In the opening stages of the second half Bethlehem seemed to fall into an attitude of easing up and before they were aware of it the score was tied.

The Steel Workers now seemed to realize the folly of letting up and they were soon in the vicinity of Douglas and Turner made Bethlehem's score three on a fine cross by Goldie. Keeping up the pressure Bethlehem again scored when Goldie lifted a cross from Turner over the heads of the backs into the corner of the net. Four goals to two looked comfortable for the Steel Workers but the Newark outfit did not lose heart and in the closing minutes they were rewarded when Lauther again got his foot on a loose ball and Mathieson was beaten for the third time.

The lineup:

Newark -- Bethlehem
Douglas -- G -- Mathieson
Fletcher -- RFB -- D. Ferguson
Neil -- LFB -- J. Ferguson
Murray -- RHB -- Rattray
Stevens -- CHB -- MacGregor
Kirby -- LHB -- Terris
McCarther -- OR -- Turner
Lauther -- IR -- A. Jackson
Heminsley -- CF -- W. Jackson
Green -- IL -- Grainger
Bleisch -- OL -- Goldie
Goals: Lauther, 3; Turner, A. Jackson, W. Jackson, Goldie.
Referee: A. Cunningham. Linesmen: T. Cunningham and MacCarthur. Time of halves, 45 minutes.

The Bethlehem F. C., on Saturday, annexed another two points in the American Soccer league race at the expense of the Newark F. C., winning by the score of 2 to 0. In meeting the Newark clan the locals clashed with a rival much stronger than expected and a team that gave one of the prettiest defensive displays witnessed on the Steel Field this season. As a result the game was featured with many thrills as shots rained at the visitors' citadel in the almost continual Bethlehem bombardment missed the mark by inches, sailed over the crossbar or were frustrated by the sensational work of Douglas, the visitors' goalie.

The Newark club came here reputed as being exceptionally strong on the defensive, and in this they were. But their forward line lacked materially with Heminsley really the only forward to rely upon. Individual efforts by him, however, were handily taken care of by the backs. However, it was defense that frequently brought the spectators to their feet when, in frequent torrid scrimmages in front of the Newark goal, the visitors succeeded in clearing. The intensiveness of the Bethlehem bombardment can best be gleaned by the many corners given them, the total throughout the game numbering more than a dozen.

The Steel Workers went to the post with several changes in the lineup. These were noted in goal where Mathieson relieved Highfield for the day, and at right fullback where "Jock" Young played instead of "Jock" Ferguson, the latter's brother, however, moving over to the left back. Grainger, who was indisposed with illness, did not start with Maxwell taking his position in the forward line, while McGregor was at center back in place of Carnihan, who is still out with injury.

In spite of these changes the combination work of the Steel Workers was not lacking, and probably was just as effective as otherwise, although parting shots were rather inaccurate. This condition might be attributed to the pressure brought by the Newark backs when their goal was threatened and which undoubtedly hurried many shots at the net.

Standing out prominently for the visitors was the work of Neil, the left back, and Douglas, the goal keeper. Neil, a recent acquisition, sized up like a very good back and frequently displayed some excellent work effecting the Bethlehem forwards when headed scoreward. Douglas, in goal, played with the finish of the best that have ever been seen on the Steel Field, and his good judgment in taking care of his position stood him in good stead in thwarting the Bethlehemites in their efforts to roll up more goals. This fellow, Douglas, is an amateur and it is understood is one of the leading candidates for the goal position on the American team to compete in the Olympics. Both shots that scored were from exceedingly close range and completely out of his reach.

Although Bethlehem had many shots at the goal, one or more by every forward and several from McGregor and Rattray, it was not until after forty minutes of play that the locals succeeded in locating the net. Parting shots went close and over the bar while others were frustrated by the work of Neil, Douglas and Fletcher. However, the scoreless deadlock was finally broken when Turner carried the ball across from the corner to almost directly in front of the mouth of the goal. The opportunity was ripe for him to shoot but he stood fast to the excellent distribution he made throughout the game and passed to W. Jackson, who was in a direct line of the mouth of the goal. With a terrific heave he located the ball into the net.

Mathieson, who had not been called upon at any time previous in the game handled for the first time off the boot of Heminsley. In the waning minutes of play Bethlehem pressed with such vigor that no less than three corners were forced in the few minutes still remaining for play.

The Newarks were apparently well conditioned, for when play resumed and Bethlehem again figured in the bulk of the attacking the defense did not weaken but carried a pace with that of the Bethlehemites to the very last whistle. With some combination, Turner and W. Jackson, were responsible for the second and last goal of the game which came ten minutes after play was resumed. Close to the net W. Jackson scored on a cross from Turner with a shot that again completely beat the goalie. The lineup:

Bethlehem -- Newark F. C.
Mathieson -- G -- Douglas
Young -- RFB -- Fletcher
Ferguson -- LFB -- Neil
Rattray -- RHB -- Murray
McGregor -- CHB -- Blair
Terris -- LHB -- Kirby
Turner -- OR -- McArthur
A. Jackson -- IR -- Lawther
W. Jackson -- CF -- Heminsley
Maxwell -- IL -- Green
Goldie -- OL -- Venables
Goals: W. Jackson 2. Referee, McCabe, Philadelphia.. Linesmen, Williams and Furry. Time of halves, 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club