The Globe -- Bethlehem
December 10, 1924

The results in the American Soccer League will bear watching over this weekend for with the games schedule the point difference in the standing of the contending cups is seriously threatened. Bethlehem Steel with the game over the weekend will have the better of the argument in spite of the fact that the lone game is against J & P Coats, one of the strongest teams in the circuit.

Fall River and Boston, clubs deadlocked for first place, go to the post twice, playing one game away and one game at home. Fall River tackles probably the hardest job, for after playing in Philadelphia on Saturday afternoon, a game in which the league leaders should have no trouble to win, the National champions must then travel all night to be on hand to meet Boston at Tiverton, the home grounds of Fall River, on Sunday afternoon. Boston plays its Saturday game against Indiana Flooring at home. The importance of the Boston-Fall River clash becomes apparent in the assignment of the neutral linesmen, a condition brought about probably by the protest of the inefficiency of the officiating and the apparent unauthorized authority of the of the linesmen on Bethlehem's most recent visit to Fall River.

Archie Stark, the Bethlehem center forward, with a total of twenty-eight goals for nineteen games played, continues to lead the league in individual scoring is in little danger at this time of losing the honor. Stark's nearest rival is A. Stevens, of Boston with a total of 19 goals. Other leading goal scorers are: J. Best, Providence, 17; R. Drummond, Coats, 15; J. Nelson, Brooklyn, 11; J. Purvis, Fleisher Yarn, 11; H. Carlson, Indiana Flooring, 9; A. Stradan, Fleisher Yarn, 9; R. Perry, Coats, 8.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club