The Globe -- Bethlehem
December 11, 1923
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Local Outlaws To Entertain New Englanders
Local outlaws to entertain New Englanders. That is a caption most appropriately conceived for the battle between the Bethlehem F. C. and Fall River soccer teams on the local field on Saturday afternoon. It was up around Fall River that the Bethlehem's were likened to the troupe of the once famed Jesse James when negotiations were on for a pre-season exhibition affair. And since than many of the New England fans have referred tot he Bethlehem teams as the "outlaws." Naturally a clan of respectable men such as comprise the Bethlehem team would take exception to such references and it may be safely said that this resentment is almost certainly to be reflected in their attitude and style of laying when they meet the league leaders in hostilities on Saturday afternoon.

Determined to Play Cup Game Here
The fate of the draw decides where and when cup games are to be played in soccer and Bethlehem has been favored by the gods of Fortune in the recent draw which destined the New York F. C. to come to Bethlehem to meet the local clan in the fourth round of the National Cup competition, on December 25. New York wanted the game, probably for two reasons. One the attractiveness of the contest and the other to be favored by the advantages of playing on the home field if there are any such advantages. At any rate New York wanted the game. Five thousand cold simoleons or to be more explicit five thousand dollars in honest American currency is the purse the New York management dangled before the eyes of the local magnates as a lure in transferring the game to New York.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club