The Globe -- Bethlehem
Wednesday, December 12, 1923
Team Playing Here Saturday Has Eight Men Formerly With Bethlehem Steel

Eight members of the Fall River team that will line up against Bethlehem on Saturday on the steel field are former Bethlehem players. Kerr, goalkeeper; Raeside, center halfback, and Campbell, outside right, played with Bethlehem last season. All three are playing great soccer at present, with Raeside being the star of the lot. The work of the latter in the recent league game against the crack New York team was the feature of the game.

Lorimer, the left halfback, was ordered off the field shortly before the end of the first half and the Fall Riverites were forced to play the remaining fifty minutes with ten men. New York took advantage of the Fall River misfortune and kept up a continuous pressure on the defense, but almost every time they looked like getting through Raeside would break into the picture with a great clearance and the game ended in a tie, one goal each, mainly through his efforts.

He will have the job of watching Walter Jackson in Saturday's game and, no doubt, will be out to show local fans that he is big enough for the job. On the visitors forward line will be no less than four former Bethlehemites -- Campbell, outside right; Morley, inside right; Brittan, center forward, and McKenna, outside left. Morley played for J & P Coats last season and his clever work was one of the main reasons why the pennant went to Pawtucket. Morley is regarded as the brainiest forward in the country. He is always scheming and playing to get the better of the opposing defense and he is about the last man in the game to take a shot at goal if there is anyone else in a better position to shoot. He will require the strict attention of Terris, Bethlehem's left halfback.

McKenna was the star of the Paterson vanguard last season and scored most of the goals that made it possible for the silk sockers to win the National Cup. He played center forward for Paterson and he is now showing his versatility by making a good job of the outside left berth.

With a continuation of the present good weather the greatest crowd of the season should be on hand to witness the game. The Fall River outfit seldom play before less than 6,000 fans when on their home lot and 15,000 paid admission at Fall River to see the home team eliminate Tommy Fleming's game from Pawtucket in the National Cup.

There have been many great soccer battles in the steel field but no game in the past had as many angles of interest for the fans as this one. The league leadership should be decided as the result of the clash and a real line on the Cup possibilities of both teams should be furnished . Added to this the comparison of the ability of former favorites with the present wearers of Bethlehem colors.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club