The Globe -- Bethlehem
Saturday, December 12, 1925
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Given All the Plums
Dave Scott is another soccer scribe who in his opinion sees everything shoved Fall River and Providence's way by the schedule makers of the American Soccer League. Dave, by way of introduction, is soccer critic on the Boston Traveler and knows his stuff. The contention that the league is leaning toward several of the New England clubs and handing them the gravy in the matter of doling out games is an opinion that is well founded in the Philadelphia and Metropolitan district. Scott is apparently of the same opinion, as witnessed in the following squib typed by the Boston soccer scribe:

"Given all the plums by the schedule makers, Fall River and Providence retained their respective positions as leaders and runners-up in the pro league. Their recent victories were gained over teams which had played a strenuous conflict on a muddy pitch the day previous. Fall River and Providence, the so-called Sunday teams in the New England District entertain almost every week clubs who have invariably played a grueling game Saturday. While the champions carry class, their lofty position is due in large measure to this kind of treatment by those responsible for the schedule."

It does read like a case of sour grapes but one is readily convinced that t he big Sunday gates are favored by glancing back over the schedule of games played thus far this season. To wit, Bethlehem is making an invasion to the New England states over the present weekend. Instead of meeting Fall River in a Saturday tilt with a team that is fresh and strong the Steel Workers will have to do hard battling against Coats at Pawtucket this afternoon and then certain to feel the effects of the game today, journey to Fall River for a game with the league leaders.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club