The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
December 12, 1927
Jerseyites Sting Locals 3 to 2 on Pennsylvania Soil Saturday Afternoon.


If two points deprive the Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club from repeating in winning the American Soccer League championship it can be charged up against the Bethlehem-Newark game played on the home lot on Saturday afternoon, when Newark crashing through with a brilliant rally in the last half notched enough points to grab the bacon and return to the Jersey two with a 3 to 2 victory.

Fielding the shock troops with a sprinkling of regulars to combat the Jerseymen proved costly, and the "surprise package" of the American Soccer League was anything but an agreeable surprise for the league champions.

Score 3 to 10 minutes

Newark won the game by a ten minute spurt in the second half when there were notched with such regularity as to completely demoralize the Steelmen's defense. The loss of the two points to the Jerseymen can be accounted for by taking the team too cheaply. This was evident when the club took the field and with its array of reserves in abundance was hardly recognized as the Bethlehem Steel aggregation and one that in the last three games emerged triumphantly in two games against Fall River and one against the New York Giants.

When the game was practically sewed up Archie Stark and Johnny Jaap were rushed to the rescue but too late to turn the tide. With the injection of Stark at center forward and Jaap at inside right the Steelmen took on a new lease of life and although they hovered almost continually in the vicinity of the Newark net their best effort was a goal by Stark. Even with Newark two up Bethlehem missed a golden opportunity to at least equalize when Gillespie, whose finishing was decidedly weak, headed from close quarters with no one in his way but the goalie, and the ball went sailing over the cross bar.

Hogg, a cost off of a half dozen different clubs, and Regicrave, the Newark outside left were the luminaries for the Jersey clan. Hogg, especially who was allowed to roam free on the right wing and who took advantage of this opportunity by notching two of the three goals. Bethlehem was woefully weak at the back positions and also with Robertson at right half. The latter, a veteran of many grueling campaigns, was hardly more than excess baggage in the Newark tilt. In the second half the Newark forwards ran rings around McLaughlin and H. Reid and the shots that scored were of that variety that the best goalie in the country could not have handled. They came from close range with plenty of time to drive and with no one really to beat but the goalie.

Bethlehem seemed listless in the opening forty-five minutes, playing as though victory was an assured matter of fact. The attacks lacked aggressiveness and the aim on the many opportunities to roll up a comfortable lead decidedly off color. Shots missed by Gillespie in that period, as well as some of the other forwards, could have decided the issue long before the restart.

However, it was only after thirty minutes of playing that the Steelmen were rewarded and one of the five corners forced in the first half to prove productive. Goldie took the kick and placed beautifully in the goal mouth from where after a brief scrimmage Rollo placed it in the net.

After the restart Newark played a quite different game, with breakaways more frequent and danger of scoring more pronounced. The lineup:

Bethlehem Steel -- Newark F. C.
Brown -- G -- Murdock
McLaughlin -- RFB -- Grosz
H. Reid -- LFB -- Cairns
McDonald -- RFB -- Daley
W. Reid -- CHB -- Mogre
Robertson -- LHB -- Nicol
Gillespie -- OR -- Hogg
Rollo -- IR -- Wardrop
McConnell -- CF -- Gretgresket
Ballantyne -- IL -- Green
Goldie -- OL -- Regicrave
Goals -- Rollo, Hogg 2, Wardrop, Stark. Substitutions -- Jaap for Rollo, Stark for McConnell. Referee -- Dempsey. Time of halves -- 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club