Bethlehem Globe
Monday, December 13, 1915
Eleven Ties Visitors in Second Round of National Challenge Cup Match Saturday.

More than 1000 persons Saturday saw Bethlehem, national champion, and Disston team, of Philadelphia, play a tie 1-1 soccer contest. It was a second round national challenge cup match. Both goals were made in the second half, but in the two extra periods of fifteen minutes neither side was able to score, although Bethlehem missed a chance when Pearce saved Fleming's penalty kick.

The game was marked by many sensational plays and exciting moments. Bethlehm had the visitors on the jump the greater part of the first period. The champions by their fierce attacks and charges had more than a dozen tries at goal, but Pearce saved all the hard shots. In the first half Bethlehem forced four corner kicks and advanced the ball on less than twelve free kicks called on Disston for offside playing. Both defenses showed remarkable strength and long drives were quite frequent.

Disston lacked good combination work in this period, the first half ending in a scoreless tie. On the restart, Disston began to charge fierce and Bethlehem was caught napping at various times. The visitors broke away wand were awarded the free kick just outside the penalty area from which Kirkpatrick shot the first goal with a hard shot in the far corner of the net, which Duncan was unable to save.

Three minutes before the whistle blew, Brown equaled the score after Pearce dropped the ball from scrimmage. Two extra fifteen-minute periods were played. In the first extra period Bethlehem had a chance to win the game when Small deliberately handled the ball inside the penalty area. Fleming was entrusted with the kick, but was unable to score, owing to Pearce's wonderful save.

Disston. -- Positions. -- Bethlehem.
Pearce -- goal -- Duncan
Small -- right full-back -- Fletcher
Spalding -- right full back -- Ferguson
McLaughlin -- right half-back -- Murray
Fisher -- center half-back -- Campbell
Kirkpatrick -- left half-back -- Morrison
Andrews -- outside right -- Butler
Ware -- inside right -- MacDonald
Rodgers -- center forward -- Brown
Housion -- inside left -- Pepper
McEwan -- outside left -- Fleming
Goals, Kirkpatrick, Brown. Referee, James Wahlers, Philadelphia. Linesmen, James Scott, Philadelphia; Robert Scaife, Bethlehem. Time of halves, 45 minutes. Two extra 15-minute periods.


Arrangements have been completed by Bethlehem and Disston that the replay of the second round national cup game will take place at Disston next Saturday.

Last Saturday's game was one of the hardest and bitterest games ever seen on the local grounds. Both teams were pretty badly done up when Referee Walders stopped the game on account of darkness. Both teams have a wonderful defense and whichever wins next Saturday's game will go a long way in the competition.

Pearce, the Disston goal-keeper, gave a wonderful exhibition of goalkeeping and is the only goal-keeper that has stopped a penalty kick by Fleming in the last three years.

Bethlehm had fully 75 percent of the game, but did not have the necessary punch to win it.

The team will again go into special training for next Saturday's game.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club