The Globe – Bethlehem
Monday, December 13, 1926
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Can’t Shake Off the Jinx
Things pertaining to the physical condition of players on the Bethlehem soccer team looked pretty rosy prior to the Brooklyn game here on Saturday, but since then the old jinx, trailing the squad the last couple of weeks, hung across another knockout to cause the management plenty to worry about. Injured and ill players were beginning to shape up again to normal and Bethlehem was congratulating itself on the probability of turning its strongest guns on the foremen to be faced on the strenuous schedule mapped out for the next two months. The loss of Stark, injured in the closing minutes of play, was a hard blow to the fortunes of the club. For two weeks the star front liner was on the sideline convalescing after an attack of grippe. On Saturday he displayed a flash of his old form and easily earned the laurels as the most brilliant player on the field. With scarcely more than two minutes yet to go for the final whistle, Stark was carried off the field, a victim of a collision with Mahrer, a visiting back, and now players and fans are anxiously waiting until it is determined how seriously he was injured. Stark was hustled away for expert treatment immediately after the game. Water on the knee has already developed and the injured member was pretty sore. IT is practically a certainty that he will be missing in the lineup for both games against strong New England clubs next weekend.

Stark Not the Only Worry
Along with the injury to Stark comes the word that Jim Barrie, a back, is ill. That is probably why fans saw Jock Ferguson relieve Allen at fullback position in the second half of the Brooklyn game. The physical condition of the squad has not been normal since Whitey McDonald was laid low more than two months ago. But in spite of these handicaps, the club has gone right ahead winning games, and has managed to retain its position at the top of the league standing. However, games are getting tougher and tougher as the league enters the second half of the schedule, and the champions can ill afford to lose any of their stars.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club