The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, December 14, 1925
Defeats Administered by J & P Coats and Fall River Saturday and Sunday.

Bethlehem Steel's weekend soccer jaunt proved disastrous, when they dropped two games and were set back materially in the American League race. Games were lost to J & P Coats, at Pawtucket, on Saturday, and Fall River, on Sunday.

Coats Avenge Recent Defeat

One week ago Saturday, the Pawtucket clan was a visitor to Bethlehem and humiliated on the Steel Field by 4 to 1. But for that setback the thread spinners took sweet revenge, taking Bethlehem over in a game on the Pawtucket pitch, on Saturday afternoon, 3 to 1. Bethlehem's lone tally was breezed into the net by Rollo.

The Steel Workers had much of the going, but were unable to convert their opportunities into goals. The raids on the Coats' citadel were frequent but not until Rollo located the net were the Steel Workers able to score.

Coats, on the other hand, wasted few opportunities. Twice Langley, the Pawtucket center forward, registered while the other scored came from the toe of Adams. The lineup:

Bethlehem Steel -- Coats
Highfield -- G -- Parks
Levine -- RFB -- McLeod
Allan -- LFB -- J. Allan
McDonald -- RHB -- Sinclair
Carnihan -- CHB -- Perry
MacGregor -- LHB -- McAvoy
Forrest -- OL -- Lorimer
Granger -- IR -- Drummond
Stark -- CF -- Langley
Rollo -- IL -- Adams
Goldie -- OL -- McGrain

Fall River is Winner

In spite of the hard game at Pawtucket, on Saturday, the Steel Workers journeyed to Fall River Sunday and during the first half gave as good as they received, if not having the advantage. However, the latter part of the game the effects of the previous day's playing were visible, when the league leaders boosted their total of goals for a 4 to 1 victory.

Fall River was mostly on the defensive in the first forty-five minutes of play, when Bethlehem was making many threatening advances. So severe was the pressure of the Steel Workers that four corner kicks were forced in the early minutes of play, but none proved productive.

Although Bethlehem had much the better of the play in the opening half and were unable to score, Fall River tallied a goal in this session, leading at half time by the score of 1 to 0.

After the restart McKenna scored twice for Fall River and Allan accidentally put a ball through his own goal, which counted against Bethlehem. Forrest landed an open goal shot just before the close of the game thus saving Bethlehem from a shutout.

Fall River -- Bethlehem
Kerr -- G -- Highfield
Martin -- RFB -- Berryman
McGill -- LFB -- Allan
McPherson -- RHB -- McDonald
Freyer -- CHB -- Carnihan
Coyle -- LHB -- McGregor
Campbell -- OR -- Forrest
Croft -- IR -- Granger
Brittan -- CF -- Stark
Morley -- IL -- Robertson
McKenna -- OL -- Goldie
Goals -- Fall River: McKenna 2; Croft, Allan. Bethlehem, Forrest. Referee -- M. Bloom. Linesmen -- White and Robinson. Time of halves -- 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club