The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
December 15, 1924
Pawtucket Team Loses a 3 to 0 American League Soccer Game Here.

A forward line working well in combination and individually with a defense, master of every situation, was too much for the clan of J & P Coats to combat and as a result Bethlehem Steel F. C. collected two points in the American Soccer League race on the Steel Field on Saturday afternoon with a well merited 3 to 0 victory.

But one of the goals scored was slightly tainted and that the result of a very much disputed penalty kick but which it seemed that Archie Stark made no very great effort to locate but was favored in making good when the ball deflected into the net from the hands of Schoenfeld, the visitors' custodian.

The field was heavy from recent rain but the footing not as treacherous as might have been expected. In fact the ground conditions were extremely good for clever play for the deadened ball made a control more perfect. Under these conditions "Sturdy" Maxwell was again at his best and together with Granger, these two inside men playing brilliant throughout. Maxwell, although unable to notch a goal had three or four of the prettiest shots ever witnessed on the Steel Field. Two of the shots were from forty yards out but came dangerously close to counting.

In spite of the opposition Bethlehem Steel experimented somewhat by playing Evans, a halfback, at the outside left position instead of Arthur Robertson, also a halfback, who has capably filled the vacancy since Goldie's injury. This change did not work very satisfactorily, even though Evans scored Bethlehem's first goal and the best results were obtained when Robertson and Evans exchanged positions.

The first forty-five minutes of play were the hardest for Bethlehem but after teams turned around it seemed as though the Coats went to pieces and Bethlehem almost completely monopolized the play.

Coats was by no means out of the running in the first half but shared equally with Bethlehem in opportunities, if not having slightly the better of the chances. Once Drummond tricked Davy Ferguson and had an open shot but the finish was very poor and Carson easily handled; another time it was Hibbert, who broke through for an open shot which Carson cleverly handled, and again another excellent opportunity to score was missed when the left wing brought the ball up the field and the center was directly at the toe of McGrane but Carson was brilliant when he batted the ball true to the mark out of danger.

The Steel Workers, too, had their opportunities in the opening half, Maxwell featuring with several long ranger shots that barely missed the mark others most pronounced of which were Stark and Robertson heading bye. Bethlehem's first tally came after about thirty minutes of play when Granger, tricky and fast drew the defense toward him and then passed to Turner. The Bethlehem right wing swept the ball down the field and then crossed to the left. Stark went after the ball and there seemed a perfect understanding with Evans for the latter cut in and assumed the center position just as Stark sent across a beautiful center. The play tricked the defense and Evans was unhampered when he booted the ball into the net.

Little more than fifteen minutes remained to be played when Bethlehem was favored with a penalty. It was in the scrimmage in the vicinity of the penalty area when Perry was charged with handling. Referee Young awarded the penalty and immediately Coats protested. It was unfortunate that it occurred for insofar as a goal resulted it is doubtful if Coats could have equalized. Stark, taking the kick, seemed to direct the ball directly at Schoenfeld, the kick also seemingly lacking the sting carried in the boot of the Bethlehem center forwards. Schoenfeld had the ball in his arms but was unable to hold it, and Bethlehem had its second counter.

Within five minutes of the finish Stark again tallied. This time through a beautiful individual effort in which he beat both Allen and Stevenson and then with the goalie only to beat, penetrated the net. Just before time Coats broke away but the parting shot was easily handled by Carson and a minute ore two later Bethlehem avenged a recent defeat at the hands of Coats with a well merited 3 to 0 victory. The lineup:

Bethlehem Steel -- J & P Coats
Carson -- G -- Schoefield
D. Ferguson -- RFB -- Stevenson
Young -- LFB -- Allen
MacGregor -- RHB -- Adams
Carnihan -- CHB -- Perry
Robertson (Evans) -- LHB -- McAvoy
Turner -- OR -- Harvey
Granger -- IR -- Drummond
Stark -- CF -- McGrane
Maxwell -- IL -- Hibbert
Evans (Robertson) -- OL -- Hogg
Goals -- Evans, Stark 2 (one a penalty). Referee -- George Young, Philadelphia. Time of halves, 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club