The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, December 16, 1918
Merchant B Club, of Philadelphia, Eliminated Saturday in Second Round American

The Steel Workers' soccer team added another lap in the march toward retaining the American Cup on Saturday afternoon by eliminating the Merchant B team, of Harriman, in a second round contest, 6 goals to 2.

"Tom" Whelan, a former member of the Bethlehem squad, was the vistors' goal tender and it was due to his hard playing that the Bethlehem score was held at six goals. On more than one occasion Whelan made saves that were nothing less than sensational. The Merchant fullbacks presented a weak defense and as a result their goal was frequently in danger.

In the last 10 minutes of the first period the Steel Workers held down the opponents with only 10 men, "Billy" Forrest being compelled to retire following an injury. Forrest got into the way of the heavy boot of one of the visitors, the kick landing in his stomach and he fell writhing in pain. He was removed to the field house where after careful treatment he recovered sufficiently to return in the second half. However, his playing was not near up to his standard and this become more strongly apparent when twice within a few minutes with the ball well placed he missed a goal the ball sailing wide of the mark.

The playing of "Bob" Millar, the veteran, who recently returned to the Bethlehem team, was the most brilliant witnessed on the local grounds this season. Despite the inclement weather and the heavy conditions of the field, Millar was at home and his playing was nothing less than marvelous. Both the visitors' scores were registered by G. Wilson, the first count coming in the closing seconds of the first half, when a fast shot from a few yards outside of the goal went by Duncan, the ball scarcely landing in the net when time was called. The other goal the visitors registered late in the second period. Campbell won the toss for Bethlehem and the visitors kicked off and immediately made tracks for Duncan, but Ferguson broke up the attack. Millar got possession of the clearance and passed to McKelvey and the latter sent across a wicked drive which Fleming converted, being practically uncovered on the five-yard line. After the kick-off, Campbell stopped a dangerous cross and the Bethlehem right carried the ball down the field. Whelan saved cleverly from McKelvey. The vistors' forward broke away and Duncan was called upon to save a shot from Barrett. Fleming forced a corner but Whelan cleared and the left wing carried the ball down the field, locating Pepper and Wilson, Ferguson cleared but the visitors returned. Once more Bethlehem attacked, but a foul against Pepper held them up. They soon returned and a wicked drive from Millar forced Whelan to concede a corner. The corner was fruitless but the next minute McKelvey sent over a nice cross, and Fleming getting possession crossed to Ratican who headed the ball into the net. Bethlehem then settled down to confident play and the visitors looked a beaten tam. Forrest was hurt and had to leave the field and Bethlehem continued with 10 men. Pepper scored from 30 yards out. With the score 3 to 0, Bethlehem seemed to ease up and the visitors attacked with more determination and in the last few seconds of play, Duncan was beaten by a beautiful shot from G. Wilson. The score at the end of the first half was: Bethlehem 3; Merchants, 1.

Forrest resumed his regular position in the second half. Millar and Ratican combined well. Ferguson made a wonderful save when Duncan was completely beaten, heading the ball over the bar for a corner. Millar scored the fourth goal after 10 minutes of play with a fast drive from 12 yards. Bethlehem continued to attack and the visitors seemed to lose heart. Forrest made the score 5 to 1 with a shot that gave Whelan no chance.

After 30 minutes play, G. Wilson broke away and shot for goal. Duncan handled the ball but filed to make an effective clearance and before he could recover, Wilson followed up and drove the ball into the net. This success gave the visitors more life but it was too late to be of any assistance to them and in the remaining 15 minutes of play Bethlehem monopolized the attack. A wicked shot from Millar was saved by Whelan and McKelvey following up drove the ball into the net for Bethlehem's sixth and final goal. In spite of the repeated efforts on the part of Bethlehem to increase their lead, they were unable to do so, Whelan warding off several brilliant saves and the final whistle found the ball on the visitors' 18-yard line. Score: Bethlehem 6, Merchants 2.

The lineup:

Merchants -- Bethlehem
Whelan -- G -- Duncan
Gilmore -- RFB -- McKelvey
Campbell -- LFB -- Ferguson
Wainbach -- RHB -- Pepper
Taylor -- CHB -- Campbell
G. Wilson -- LHB -- Kirkpatrick
J. Wilson -- OR -- Millar
Graham -- IR -- Butler
Nolan -- CF -- Ratican
Brown -- IL -- Forrest
Barrett -- OL -- Fleming
Goals -- Fleming, Ratican, Pepper, Millar, Forrest, McKelvey 2; J. Wilson, 2. Referee -- Young. Linesmen - H. Johnson and R. Morrison. Time -- 45-minute halves.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club