The Globe -- Bethlehem
December 16, 1924
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Frigid Weather No Terror For Soccer Enthusiasts
Icy blasts sweeping across the Bethlehem Steel Field yesterday afternoon with the temperature hovering close to the zero mark, had no terrors for soccer enthusiasts who turned out, not in numbers to tax the capacity of the Steel field, but nevertheless enough to add spirit to the game, to witness Bethlehem F. C. ride over Fleisher Yarn for a 4 to 1 victory. It was about one of the coldest Christmas Day games played in a good many years and the conditions were such that it was equally as uncomfortable for the players as well as the fans. However, the fans stuck it out to the finish like good sports, shivering throughout the entire contest.

Brother vs. Brother in Saturday's Tilt
It is not unusual to witness brothers on one team of sport and frequently brothers competing against brothers in various branches of sport. However, with a mere handful of clubs recognized as the premier soccer aggregations in the country comprising the American Soccer League this condition does not often exist in the dribbling game. Nevertheless, it will be brother vs. brother in the soccer game to be played on the Steel Field on Saturday afternoon and both brothers stars in their respective positions of first magnitude. They are the Stark brothers, Archie, the brilliant center forward of the Bethlehem team, and Tommy, a half back with the Newark F. C. The latter is one of the new players recently signed by the Newark Club giving the tail enders since reorganization under new management one of the strongest clubs in the circuit. Tommy is equally adept in his respective position as his brother Archie, a player with sterling qualities on and off the field and one whose personality makes him a prime favorite with players and fans. Tommy will no doubt try and stop the goal ravages of his brother Archie when the two American League clubs lock horns.

Former Bethlehemites Give Indiana a Winner
Indiana Flooring, of New York, a winner in the American Soccer League at the start of the season, hit a slump and dropped eleven consecutive games before the club again came to life and yesterday playing at home experienced the honor of stopping Boston in the whirlwind glide to the top of the league ladder with a well merited 4 to 1 victory. To accomplish the feat, the Indiana eleven were given a life by the acquisition of two former Bethlehem players, Johnny McFarlane [McFarlane] and Johnny Coxe [Cox?], both of whom fit in nicely with the New York eleven and make their presence felt. It is interesting to note that although MacFarlane played a halfback position he nevertheless scored the first goal for Indiana.

Craved Activity So Asked For Release
Johnny MacFarlane, one of the older set of the Steel Workers, left Bethlehem because he craved activity and when he did he departed from the Steel City with the best wishes of his many friends and players, among whom he was very popular. With a raft of halfbacks available, MacFarlane seldom got an opportunity to get into a game and because of this condition asked for his release when offered an active berth with Indiana Flooring. Realizing his desire to compete actively the management acquiesced and yesterday Johnny played his first game with the Indiana team. As a side issue to soccer MacFarlane is a singer of no mean ability and the vocal celebrities on the Steel eleven will often miss company.

Selfish Motive Wrecked Lehigh Valley League
With the announcement that the Lehigh Valley Soccer League is no more some rumblings of dissension in which selfish motives of one of the clubs is attributed on the upset of the circuit. "When we wanted affiliation with the Eastern District early in the season," remarked one of the executives of the circuit, "the very team that has been more or less responsible for the disbanding of the circuit, was strenuously opposed. Since, however, this very same team went ahead and affiliated, desiring to play games with out-of-town clubs and as a result this together with other conditions that cropped up at the last meeting, left disbanding the only course to pursue."

Bringing Back the Cups
As a result of the blowing of the soccer circuit the two handsome cups -- The H. E. Lewis and W. A. Wilbur trophies -- offered in competition this season for the first time in several years, will no doubt be brought back to Bethlehem and again take their place on the shelf or probably the safe of a local jewelry store, where they are destined to remain sheltered again for a time. The cups, both equal in beauty and value as any trophies in the United States, were offered as an incentive in stimulating greater interest in the circuit with the hope that eventually all of the clubs would affiliate with the Eastern District. Prior to this season they were kept in seclusion at a local jewelry store for four or five years. Their fate will probably be decided at some future time when maybe some effort promoted by well founded interest will lend to the organization of another Lehigh Valley League or probably a local minor soccer organization.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club