The Globe -- Bethlehem
December 17, 1923
J & P Coats Suffers Reverse at Hands of National Giants in League Game
Sunday Soccer Results
New York F. C. 3; Newark 1
National Giants 3; J & P Coats 1.
Brooklyn 1; Fall River 1

With the exception of the defeat of J & P Coats at the hands of the National Giants of New York City, in American League soccer games played on Sunday afternoon, the other teams ran true to form.

The Bethlehem F. C., and Philadelphia F. C., were idle yesterday. And just because Bethlehem did not play its lead in the American League established by its victory over Fall River on Saturday afternoon, was again deadlocked with the New England contingent.

By defeating Fall River on Saturday afternoon Bethlehem forged into the lead by a margin of one point. Fall River yesterday afternoon made up this point difference by drawing with the strong Brooklyn Club. While Fall River is tied, Bethlehem, however, has the advantage in that the locals played one game less than the New Englanders. In league soccer, points count two for victory and one for a draw.

The New York F. C., trailing close as a contender for the league honors, came through with a victory over the Brooklyn Wanderers, winning by the score of 3 to 1. J & P Coats defeated Philadelphia F. C. on Saturday afternoon but Sunday fell victims to the National Giants.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club