The Globe -- Bethlehem
December 17, 1924
A Swing Along Athletic Row

League Trouble Makers Here Saturday
Indiana Flooring, the team to compete against the Bethlehem Steel F. C., on the Steel Field on Saturday afternoon has made its presence materially felt in the circuit this season. Although a new club in the league the floor makers have been active on and off the field. Trouble makers on the field in that the Gotham dribblers have curbed the aspirations of several of the contending teams and are one of the clubs that is listed as the team to create havoc among the topnotchers. Meaning of course that Bethlehem will have to battle to garner the laurels. In league meetings Indiana Flooring has also been heard. Manager Viberg is as scrappy as his clan of soccer stars and carries his battles to the floor of the league executives. First he was involved in a discussion protesting the transfer of Archie Stark, twice bringing the matter to the attention of the league but always was Bethlehem sustained. With that issue practically dead Viberg has signed Robertson, a player who it is understood is the property of Brooklyn and has threatened to play him. However, when the time arrives for the Steel Workers tilt it is almost certain that Robertson will not be in the lineup for the penalty certain to be imposed is surely not worth the chance. Furthermore, it is doubtful if Viberg needs the services of Robertson for in addition to the eleven men he fields he has several other celebrities sticking around waiting for action.

Mel Sheppard Mixed Up In Soccer
The name of Mel Sheppard is synonymous with any thing in track. However, there is another sport in which Mel is actively interested and that sport is soccer. Several weeks ago on a visit to Brooklyn to witness a soccer game Mel disclosed his new venture when he made it known that he is the representative in this country for a Uruguayan soccer tam that plans an invasion in Spring. Sheppard is listing as many of the American League clubs as possible for the invading eleven and is at present negotiating with Bethlehem for a game in this city. No definite action has yet been taken, but it is most certain that if other clubs meet the Uruguayans, Bethlehem will be among the first. Several months intervene before the proposed tour and if Bethlehem does contract for a game, it will most likely be in early Spring and a mid-week attraction.

Commenting on Brilliant Soccer Play
Although several days have elapsed since the Steel Workers met J. & P. Coats in this city, soccer enthusiasts are still commenting on the brilliant play manipulated single handed by Archie Stark, the Steel Workers' center forward. The play in question was the third goal scored and which came as a result of an individual effort from midfield, shaking off charge after charge to reach the vicinity of goal and then crashed the sphere into the net. Followers of various branches of sport, particularly baseball and football, who are also devout soccer fans, likened that bit of soccer display with the longest home run Babe Ruth could crash with the based loaded in winning a ball game or a most brilliant broken field running for a touchdown in a gridiron clash. Plays such as that perpetrated by Stark are thrilling to witness.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club