The Globe -- Bethlehem
Friday, December 18, 1925
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Weak in Goal Steel Men's Menace
"Unless the position in goal is strengthened materially, Bethlehem Steel's chances in the American Soccer League are lost." That much was conveyed in response to the query relative to the apparent reversal of form experienced when the team is playing away from home. "There is no use of passing the buck any longer and trying to kid ourselves along that it is just the breaks of the game that are proving disastrous, although I will say we got some tough breaks in recent games, but in my opinion many of the goals that brought defeats were due to poor work between the uprights." And that remark comes from some one closely connected with the team. The management has apparently taken cognizance of the true status of conditions in the make up of the local clan, for it is understood that every effort is being made to increase in number and strength the department of goaltending.

Not Exactly a Reflection
Such criticism fans are likely to assume as a direct reflection on the merit of Dave Carson, first call goalie. It is constructive and in justice to Dave, let it be said, that many have seen him match the most brilliant performance of any goalie in the league and when on his game is a good man between the sticks. His work recently has been more or less erratic and this can probably be attributed to injuries or possibly over-work. Or can it be that the Bethlehem goalies do not get enough work to keep them in condition? With the excellent defense of the fullbacks and halfbacks, the chances of handling are small and it might be well if the raids on the Bethlehem goal were more frequent. It is not unusual to see the Bethlehem goalie go through a game handling less than half a dozen shots and the majority of those of that variety which do not call for a real test of merit. The result is that when they do put a shot that is "labeled" they are caught flat footed. Whatever the trouble is, it is certain, nevertheless, that the Bethlehem team is not displaying the strength in goal equal to the competition of soccer today.

And a Word for Bill Highfield
Bill Highfield is the second call goalie and Bill has responded nobly in times of distress. The elongated Bill has given the club some excellent service, but his duties as scribbler for the steel program journal have apparently taken him off his game. Highfield's task has not been a light one. Take as an illustration the recent run of games in which Bill was called upon to serve. He was called upon against the toughest teams in the league. We don't know how much practicing Highfield does with the club, but do believe that he hasn't received enough work to keep him in top condition.

Apparent Need of a Goalie
No matter what reasons for the poor work in goal, the fact stands out boldly that this department needs bolstering and the sooner it is accomplished the better for the club. To continue as the club has since the start of the season is certain to finally inflict inroads on the morale of the players. Players are out on the field doing their best, which really is more deserving that has been their lot in recent games. Practically every game we read accounts of the brilliant performance of the Steelmen, their clever and scientific work, monopolizing the majority of the play and in spite of all these tributes the conclusion of the tilts reveal the Bethlehem clan superior in everything but goal scoring.

Kerr, the Star, in Fall River Game
Perusing the sports columns of the Fall River publication which was dropped into this office, attention is attracted to the account of the visit of the Steelmen to the haunts of the league champions. It is quite lengthy but lacking in detail. Finley Kerr, former Steel Worker and goalie with the championship Fall River team for several seasons, is singled out as the outstanding performer in that game. Which in reality reflects creditably on the performances of the Steel Workers. Kerr was stopping them from all angles and every position. What does that mean? It means that Bethlehem was doing the raiding and most of it, raining shots at the Fall River net. However, in deciding competition, it matters little how good a team is, it is the final score that counts.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club