The Globe -- Bethlehem
Friday, December 18, 1925

The Bethlehem Steel F. C. vs. New Bedford F. C. soccer tilt on the Bethlehem Steel Field on Saturday afternoon is to be the only major sports attraction in the Lehigh Valley on that day. The New Englanders invade the lair of the Steel booters with a previous victory over the local clan on Steel Field. T he incentive for the spirited play anticipated will be to avenge that defeat.

Then, too, there are little personalities that may crop out during the game. These may be inspired by the visit here of two former Steel Workers who are on their best game and no doubt determined to show local fans that they are still able to deliver the goods.

These players are Neil Turner and Sturdy Maxwell, the right wing of the New Bedford team. Both are popular in Bethlehem and have a large following of friends here. They are thoroughly familiar with the style of play resorted to by Bethlehem and by reason of their many years of service with the local team, are quite at home on the Steel Field.

These little sidelights add to the paramount interest in the clash, together with other departments where the visitors claim exponents who are unexcelled in the dribbling art. Among the outstanding players with the New Bedford team is Montgomery, the center halfback, and Cowan, a mute who plays a fullback position. Montgomery is rate around his home town as the best of center halves in the business, but hereabouts he fins such recognition disputed by the admirers of Bill Carnihan, the Bethlehem captain. The playing of these two soccer artists should prove to be a very interesting little debate, particularly as both teams are well balanced with playing talent.

New Bedford comes to Bethlehem with an excellent opportunity of strengthening its position as main contender with Fall River for the league championship. The New Bedford club is trailing in second position and a victory over the Steel Workers would give two points which could well be utilized particularly with Fall River making an invasion of Bethlehem on Christmas Day afternoon.

The Steel Workers, on the other hand, have an assignment which they realize will determine whether or not they are to remain in the league race. Too many points have already been lost and to remain as a contender, with a chance of closing the gap in the point table, few games dare be dropped from now on.

With weather and field conditions favorable one of the best home games of the season should materialize on Saturday. It will be Bethlehem's appetizer before tackling Fall River on the home grounds on Christmas Day.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club