The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, December 19, 1921
Tom Fleming's Penalty Drive Evens Up Sweeney's First-Half Score

Tommy Fleming's goal from a penalty kick for hands enabled Philadelphia F. C. soccer team to tie Todd's stars from Brooklyn at 1 goal in their American League game at Cahill Field, Philadelphia, on Saturday. The national champions outplayed the undefeated league leaders in the first half and scored after 20 minutes through Sweeney, who tipped the ball into the net following a pass from McKelvey.

The play was somewhat similar to the mix-up which enabled the Phils to tie the score. The players were bunched eight yards from the Philadelphia goal and the ball was blocked and dropped to the field, and Sweeney managed to bang it up against the cross bar and it rolled into the goal. The chance to score by Philadelphia came after 30 minutes of the first half, and in resisting the rush of the desperate local players one of the Brooklyn players touched the sphere.

The teams are the foremost in this country. Philadelphia beat Todd's in their earlier in the season match and were held to a tie by New York. In order to have a chance to catch the local experts, who were without their star forward, Brittan, Todd's had to win and the way they set about their task made it look as if they would accomplish the feat.

However, Kerr, in goal, gave his best display and it was impossible for the fast moving cup holders to beat him. Especially in the final half Kerr showed his worth by stopping half a dozen sharp drives and once stepped out and caught a pass from Sweeney a few feet from goal.

Jim Campbell was a wonderful help to the ship repairers and Smith proved a stumbling block to the locals' chances. Ferguson was in his usual good form and as a result the game abounded in fast and well-executed exchanges. Referee George Young was keen in penalizing offside and touch tactics. Philadelphia played better in the final half and the tie gives the locals a firmer hold on the big position in the race.

The lineup:

Philadelphia -- Todd's
Kerr -- G -- Renzulli
Bethune -- RFB -- Smith
Ferguson -- LFB -- Whitehead
Murray -- RHB -- Fryer
Porter -- CHB -- J. Campbell
Lorimer -- LHB -- Irwin
Collier -- OR -- McKelvey
Morley -- IR -- McKenna
Forrest -- CF -- Ratican
D. Campbell -- IL -- Ratican
Fleming -- OL -- Shaw
Score, Philadelphia 1, Todd's 1. Half-time score, Todd's 1, Philadelphia 0. Goals, Sweeney, Fleming (penalty). Referee, George Young, Philadelphia. Linesmen, Fullerton, Philadelphia; Foy, Todd's. Time of halves, 45 minutes.

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