The Globe -- Bethlehem
December 19, 1923
A Swing Along Athletic Row

The First Visit of The Coats Eleven
Fans will welcome the change in the American Soccer League program which will bring to Bethlehem on Saturday afternoon the J & P Coats eleven of Pawtucket, R. I. Philadelphia was originally scheduled and while there is little doubt that the reorganized Quakers would have given Bethlehem a much stiffer opposition than in their previous meeting, the visit of the Pawtucket clan promises to be a more interesting attraction. Foremost of the player with the Coats eleven is Thomas "Whitey" Fleming, a former star wingman with the successful Bethlehem teams of the past. When "Whitey" left Bethlehem several season ago, leaving at the time with "Jock" Ferguson who has since returned to the fold, critics said "Whitey" was about through but the veteran of the booting game fooled them all and today he is probably playing the most brilliant soccer of his career. There are many speedy wingmen in American League soccer but hardly any that possess the versatility of the Coats forward. Besides being speedy and a hard player, Fleming is probably the most dangerous forward in the game. His accurate aim when in the vicinity of the citadel has proven the downfall of many opposing clubs. "Whitey" is coming back to Bethlehem, not to sport the colors of his first love in this country, but rather to demonstrate to local fans that Father Time has treated him kindly in the past several years and that he is still as good, if not better, than when he sported the colors of the local clan.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club