The Globe -- Bethlehem
Thursday, December 20, 1923
Another Ripping Soccer Game Scheduled for Steel Field on Saturday.

Special training is the order at the Steel Field this week and the soccer team should be in the best condition for the league game with Coats on Saturday and the National Cup game with New York Christmas Day. Carnihan has fully recovered from the injury t hat kept him on the sidelines for four weeks and he will be seen in the line-up against Coats. Grainger is the only player on the list who may not be able to take part in either of the two games. He received a painful injury in the league game against Newark and it is slow in responding to treatment. The inside left position should be well taken care of by Tommy Maxwell. The latter was the star of the game against Fall River and if he repeats his display against Coats and New York the opposing defense should have a busy time.

Three members of the Coats league championship outfit were former members of Bethlehem. Bob Bethune, the old Bethlehem back will be seen at right half on Saturday, Neilson will take care of the center halfback position and will have the job of stopping Walter Jackson. Tommy Fleming, the old Bethlehem outside left, is playing as well as ever and local fans know what that means. For the past five years some of the leading critics in the east have been forecasting Tommy's retirement from active service but the white haired Tommy has been fooling them all and this season he is just as dangerous as ever He leads the goal scorers in the pennant race, an unusual thing for an outside man but nothing unusual for him. His left foot can still curve the ball in a way that no other player in this country can do and many a goalkeeper has been fooled into thinking that he was in direct line to stop the parting drive of the former Bethlehem favorite only to see the ball curve away from them and land in the net for a goal. Stop Fleming is the pass word in opposing defenses but despite all efforts Tommy usually gets a goal or two. Many of Coats' games in the league race last season were decided by the odd goal and Whitey was often the player who got in the parting shot.

Despite the importance of the fourth round National Cup game here on Christmas day with New York the locals cannot afford to ease up for a moment with the league champions on Saturday. Both games call for the best that the locals can produce and they will have to display soccer at least equal to the sterling brand exhibited last Saturday against Fall River if they are to continue at the top of the league race and remain in the list for the National Cup, the two greatest honors in soccer.

The New York management expects to bring five hundred fans in a special train for the cup game Christmas day. This will be the first time that a special train has been chartered for bringing soccer fans to this district. The Metropolitan fans swear that New York will lift the cup despite the strength of Bethlehem. Local fans are just as confident that the Gothamites will be on the short end of the s core at the end of 90 minutes. No matter who wins the game should be the fastest and most utterly contested ever seen on the Steel field. New York is the only team to lower the colors of the locals in competition this year. Four goals to two was the margin of New York's victory in a league game in New York. Bethlehem took a fall out of New York the day previous in Bethlehem, also a league game. New York eliminated Bethlehem from the cup competition last season in New York by the one-side score of four goals to one. Can they repeat or will the scores be reversed?

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club