The Globe -- Bethlehem
December 20, 1924
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Possible for Racing, Why Not For Soccer?
Many complaints have been registered against soccer as an attractive sport due to the severe cold that spectators are sometimes forced to endure but in spite of these conditions the loyals turn out en masse. Once the sport is a bigger paying venture and adds more materially to the ranks of the patrons it is predicted that steam heated, or heated otherwise, stands will be erected for the accommodation of the patrons. This assertion may be assumed as rather far fetched, but it is known that, on more than one occasion such casual suggestion has been heard relative to enclosing the excellent stand on the Steel Field and provide heating facilities by the heating plant at present installed and used to heat the spacious gymnasium. Such comforts have been provided the patrons of horse racing, so why not soccer? At New Orleans it is notice that one of the principle features of the Fair Grounds where horse racing will open on January 1, inaugurating the winter racing season, one of the principles of the transformed racing plant is the glass enclosed, steam heated grandstand -- the only one of its kind at any winter racing course now in operation in the United States. During inclement weather glass doors can be closed and patrons in the grand stands can view the races without any obstruction. In soccer all that is necessary is for some enterprising promoter to take the initiative and others would undoubtedly follow in line. It is predicted that not many more season will pass before the heated stands become a reality . The sport is attracting probably more extensively this season than ever before and has been accepted as the leading outdoor, all-year round sport.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club