The Globe-Times Ė Bethlehem
Monday, December 20, 1926
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Those Philadelphia Booters
Itís a tough world on the traveling club in the American Soccer League campaign and one has but to note the scores of the weekend games to realize that this assertion is no idle chatter. The most lowly of the American Soccer League clubs the teams in the second division, who seem to have no earthly chance against reputed far superior opponents, rise in their might and win on their home pitches. Of the latter, the Phillies seem to have the number of their opponents when the latter visit the Quaker City. On the seasonís form no one would have given the Phillies a chance against Fall River on Saturday afternoon. Still, the Phillies, playing sensational soccer, nosed out the three time league champions by the decisive score of 4 to 2. Any club that can notch four goals against the Fall River defense is a pretty good club. Only recently Bethlehem visited Philadelphia. The league leaders emerged with a victory, but before doing so the national champions knew they were in a game. Displays such as the Phillies made against Fall River, starting the Marksmen on a disastrous invasion which terminated with another defeat at the hands of Brooklyn on Sunday afternoon, add to the uncertainty of the league race and keep interest rife.

Indiana League Leadersí Nemesis
Every year Bethlehem has a jinx in soccer. Reverting back to many years ago it was Disston, a Philadelphia club that didnít size up no how to the caliber of the Bethlehem booters, but at that the saw makers usually won. This year it seems to be Indiana Flooring. The league leaders have experienced four defeats this season and of this Indiana, a second division club, has the distinction of twice taking the laurels from the National champions. Incidentally, both games won by Indiana were on the home pitch.

Soccer Now Has Full Sway
For outdoor sports, soccer will have full sway in interest from now until the close of the schedule in May. The teams in the American Soccer League are just about warmed up with the crucial games to be played the last half of the schedule. While Bethlehem is leading in the race, the last half dash for the gonfalon is not one-sided enough to assure the national champions or any other club as a certain winner. While the league tilts present an attractive medium, the choice dishes are still to be served. We have reference to the National cup games. The first of these for big time clubs are in the near future.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club