The Globe -- Bethlehem
December 21, 1923
Steel Players Are Confident But Know They Will Have to Play Hard

All the Bethlehem Steel players are anxiously awaiting the whistle for the start of the league game with Coats tomorrow and they confidently expect to add two more points to their list at the expense of the threadmen from Pawtucket. However, they are fully aware of the ability of the league champs and they know they will have to be at their best to gather the full quota of points. Coats held the locals to a tie on their last visit to Bethlehem, Tommy Fleming, the old Bethlehem forward, with the unerring toe, beating Kerr, Bethlehem's goalkeeper, on that occasion with the only chance he had in the game. Jock Ferguson, Bethlehem's present left back, played for Coats that day and his great work in the defense had a lot to do with the game ending in a tie. The Pawtucket outfit has no further interest in the National Cup for this season, Fall River eliminating them from that contest before the biggest crowd that ever saw a soccer game in this country. The threadmen will, therefore, be out to win tomorrow, as they are anxious to continue as champions in the league.

Bethlehem finished last season's league campaign two points behind Coats and they are just as keen on grasping from the Pawtucket representatives as they are to win any other game and the fans should be treated to a brad of soccer at least equal to that of last Saturday when Fall River provided the opposition.

There will be two or three changes in the Bethlehem line-up for the Coats game due to the National Cup game with New Your being played three days later. However, all of the players who will represent Bethlehem [ . . . ] are fit and capable, and they will be out to show that they are worthy to wear the blue and white in the great cup clash with the Gothamites at the Steel field Christmas Day. The Bethlehem forward line will be the same tomorrow as performed so well against Fall River. MacFarlane and Carnihan will be seen in the half back line and Young and D. Ferguson will be the backs. Oellerman will again defend the citadel. Coats will line-up with the same team that defeated Philadelphia last Saturday at the Phillies' grounds.

The game will start at 2:30 p.m. George Young of Philadelphia will be in charge of the game.

The lineup:

Coats -- Beth. Steel
Schofield -- G -- Oellerman
Stevenson -- RB -- Young
[. . . ]appin -- LB -- D. Ferguson
Hammond -- RHB -- MacFarlane
Nielson -- CHB -- Carnihan
McAvoy -- RHB -- Terris or Robertson
Harvey -- OR -- Turner
Paterson -- IR -- A. Jackson
Adams -- CF -- W. Jackson
McLeavy -- IL -- Maxwell
Deming -- OL -- Goldie

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club