The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
December 22, 1924
On Frozen Metropolitan Soil Bethlehem Soccerites Met Their Match Yesterday

by F. S. Nonnemacher
Assuming an early lead the New York Giants romped away with another victory over the Bethlehem Steel team in a game played in New York Oval, Sunday afternoon, winning by the score of 3 to 2. Several weeks ago the Giants came to Bethlehem and surprised the locals when they copped the game here.

The Steel Workers looked ragged in the first half while the Giants, playing with a dash inspired by their previous victory, ran riot with the invading Pennsylvanians and had by far the better of the play during the first forty-five minutes. Carson, the Bethlehem goalie, was about the busiest individual on the field, and more than once saved well-directed shots, while the three goals that countered were of the variety on which he had no chance.

"Bob" Millar, former Bethlehem player, and Brown, the Giants' inside left, were a continual source of terror to the Bethlehem defense, and it was the excellent playing of this duo that resulted in goals for the Gotham dribblers. Brown, especially, was at his best, and more than once beat the Bethlehem backs with his speed and then crossed to Strong, the New York center forward who made no mistakes with his shots. Two of the three scored by the Bethlehem center forward were well placed, while the third might be said was the result of a disastrous break for the Steel Workers.

In the second half Bethlehem was more at home and, although the team pressed almost continually, could not pile up enough goals to equalize. No less than a half dozen corner kicks were awarded the locals in the last forty-five minutes of play, but none of these was productive.

New Yorkers went wild with joy when early in the game the Giants notched their first goal. Brown took a pass close to midfield and then dashed down the wing, neatly nursing the ball until he centered across to Strong. A short scrimmage followed in which the Giant center forward got his boot to the ball and located it in the corner of the net.

The Giants' second goal was more or less a gift and resulted after a disastrous play for Bethlehem. Again the ball was centered by Brown directly to the toe of Strong. The latter whipped around and shot the ball toward the net. Davy Ferguson, dashing in, attempted to clear but the ball struck his boot and careened to one side, out of the reach of Carson, and again landed in the corner of the net.

A misunderstanding between Granger and McDonald paved the way for the third counter. Granger had possession in midfield and with a deft touch back-heeled the ball. Bob Millar beat McDonald and, picking it up, shoved it ahead to the center, who shot from about twenty yards out and again beat Carson by placing the ball in the corner of the net.

The Steel Workers did not get working until the closing minute of play when Stark beat the backs in heading the ball toward the visitors' goal. Guedert, over-anxious, left his goal and came out to clear, when Stark, taking advantage of his absence in the goal mouth, headed into the net. The half ended shortly afterward with the Giants leading by the score of 3 to 1.

Early in the second half Rollo counted Bethlehem's second goal with a penalty shot from about eighteen yards out, but, in spite of the severe pressure of the Steel Workers, no more scoring materialized. Rollo's successful shot came after a pass from Maxwell.

The lineup:

N. Y. Giants -- Bethlehem Steel
Guedert -- G -- Carson
Reynolds -- RFB -- Young
Meyerdirks -- LFB -- Ferguson
Scott -- RHB -- McDonald
Parkes -- CHB -- MacGregor
McKinney -- LHB -- Robertson
Poxon -- OR -- Turner
Bremner -- IR -- Granger
Strong -- CF -- Stark
Millar - IL -- Maxwell
Brown -- OL -- Rollo
Goals: Strong 3, Stark, Rollo. Referee, E. McCabe. Linesmen, T. Earl and George James. Time of halves, 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club