The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
December 22, 1927
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Another New England "Break"
Announcement comes from American Soccer League headquarters, or rather Secretary Scott's office at Boston, that a game recently played between New Bedford, up until last week league leader, and the New York Giants, has been declared "no contest" and will have to be replayed, all of which is anything but pleasant news to Bethlehem Steel and Boston, the present league leaders. However, Boston has the least squawk to make for earlier in the season the Hubmen were similarly favored after taking the count at the hands of the now defunct Philadelphia team. As the result of the league rule of these games as "no contest," both Boston and New Bedford are given a lift in the chase for championship honors for the first half of the league schedule. Incidentally the protest was based on an oversight of the officials in charge of the respective games, which was after all no fault of the clubs concerned but rather reflects on the inefficiency of the officials secured to handle the games. And because of their inefficiency the teams involved, particularly those who are ruled against, must suffer. The Giants, with no chance to gain league honors, could hardly be expected to strenuously protest the ruling for another game against the Whalers to be played in New York will assure a capacity attendance and well the coffers of the treasury materially. ON the other hand if the Giants had been in the running, it's dollars to doughnuts that the protest would have been strenuously protested. As for New Bedford it is not the lure of the financial harvest to be reaped, for playing in New York the Whalers will receive no more than the stipulated guarantee. But it gives the New Englanders a better chance in the final dash to the title wire.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club