The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
December 22, 1927
Must Replay Games With N. Y. Giants -- Steelmen Have to Work Harder

By virtue of a league ruling, more obstacles than the games yet to be played confront the Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club in its glide to the championship for the first half of the American Soccer League schedule. The ruling declared a game in which the New York Giants defeated New Bedford "no contest" and with a replay demanded New Bedford, the league leader up to the last weekend, has a chance to retrieve the two points of the Whalers in coming out on top for the league title.

The ruling can have but one action on the Bethlehem players and t hat is to make them fight more aggressively and determinedly for the honors in the remaining games. Providence will not find such a keyed up team when the Fletchermen come to Bethlehem on Saturday afternoon for the last home game until some time in February when the second round of the schedule will be started.

By winning two games over the weekend the Steelmen believe that they will have the advantage when they travel for the remaining four games to be played to complete t he schedule. This attitude is based on what is probably in the twin bill. Boston will wage against Brooklyn. The Hubmen are conceded slightly better than an even chance in defeating the Agarmen in Boston on Saturday but it is Brooklyn that is favored to win, or at least share the points, when the Hubmen journey across the bridge to meet Brooklyn on the latter's grounds.

More than one American League team with championship aspirations had their hopes temporarily checked when playing in Brooklyn. In fact every time in the league tasted defeat at the hands of Brooklyn, Bethlehem including among the quota. The first loss on the home grounds this season was experienced b y Brooklyn when Bethlehem invaded that territory several weeks ago.

Believing that Boston is going to have a hard grind on Sunday, the Bethlehem players will be fighting for an advantage of aspiring to the undisputed leadership in the league for the first time this season. There is another important factor to bear in mind and one which should spur the Bethlehem forwards to annex as many goals as possible. In the event of a tie at the end of the first half schedule, one of the two teams would be selected as the champion on a point scoring basis in making a comparison. In this respect, it is found that Boston is leading Bethlehem by a slight percentage and a margin that can be overcome over this weekend, if the players are in a goal scoring mood. New Bedford figures third in this respect.

The Steelmen will then rest up over Sunday to meet Newark on the latter's pitch on Christmas Monday afternoon.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club