The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, December 23, 1918
League Soccer Contest Is Played at Bayonne In a Sea of Mud.

The Bethlehem F. C. kept their record clean on Sunday when they journeyed to Bayonne, N. J., and hung up another victory by defeating the Babcock & Wilcox F. C., 5 goals to 0. From the moment Referee Crichton set the game in motion the game was never in doubt and the great supremacy of the Steel Workers was readily noticed. The heavy rain in the early morning continued throughout the game and the contest was staged on a heavy field. This proved no disadvantage to the visitors who in most of their games this season scored victories in rain and snow and are becoming just as familiar with their footing under these conditions as they are on a hard and dry field.

Acting Captain Pepper lost he toss but as there was very little wind, it was little to the advantage of the Babs. Ratican kicked off for Bethlehem and shots from Forrest and McKelvey tested Neilson at goal in the first few minutes.

Long exchanges by the fullbacks kept both defenses on the jump and at this stage the Bethlehem halfbacks seemed to have a full understanding of the home team attack and a nice passing movement -- Pepper to Miller to Ratican to Fleming -- ended in the latter scoring after 20 minutes' playing with a low curving shot that completely beat Neilson. The Babs played hard after this reverse but the superiority of the Bethlehem team work was easily apparent and a 30-yard drive from Fleming hit the bar, Ratican following it up, drove the rebound into the net for the second goal. Here the Bethlehem goal underwent the first dangerous siege of the game, and Duncan, Fletcher and Wilson had to be on the alert to break up the attack. However, the defense survived the attack and the Babs were soon driven back to their own territory. Miller and Fleming carried the ball down the field by clever work and Neilson handled Fleming's parting shot in good style but his clearance was blocked by Ratican and the latter finding Forrest uncovered passed the ball to him and Bethlehem stood three up, Neilson being completely beaten.

In the second half the rain was still falling heavily and the teams turned around without a rest. The Babs attacked in the first minute and Duncan was called on to save from Elliot. Bethlehem took up the attack and a cross from McKelvey was headed into the net by Ratican, but offside against the center forward spoiled the effort. The Babs then seemed to have more SECTION MISSING

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club