The Globe -- Bethlehem
December 23, 1924
Fleisher Yarn, of Philadelphia, Will be Opponents of Bethlehem Steel.

Temporarily checked in the stride to American Soccer League honors by a defeat at the hands of the New York Giants on Sunday afternoon, the Bethlehem Steel F. C. will resume campaigning on Christmas Day afternoon with Fleisher Yarn, of Philadelphia, the opponent here on the Bethlehem Steel Field.

That the visitors assume a dangerous attitude in all games is readily apparent by comparing the results of the Fleisher game with the Giants played last Saturday and in which the teams split the points with a one goal draw.

Bethlehem's setback and Fleisher's excess will undoubtedly inspire the invading Quakers to their best efforts and lovers of outdoor sport will undoubtedly witness a hard and well played game. Against the strongest clubs in the circuit, Fleisher has made t he best showing this season and for that reason the local clan can ill afford to take things easy.

Bethlehem players are not discouraged by their Sunday defeat but if anything soccer fans will witness a more determined team and one willing to give all when the meet Fleisher on Christmas Day.

Several changes are hinted in the Steel Workers lineup, changes t hat will be seen both in the forward line and among the backs. Both departments erred on Sunday and it is in hopes of remedying these defects and again organize the usual consistent team work of the Bethlehems that these changes will be made.

The loss of Malcolm Goldie on the left wing is just beginning to leave its effect and it will be a happy day for the club when the speedy outside left returns to don the harness. Not that the players who have assumed his position have not acquitted themselves with credit but the absence of the speedy outside wing has seemed to break up the understanding and combination so strongly pronounced early in the season.

The game will be the only major sport attraction in Bethlehem, or in the Lehigh Valley for Christmas Day, and preparations are being made to accommodate an unusually large attendance. Holiday games in Bethlehem have always gone across big and with the soccer tilt a context of more than usual significance, the Bethlehem-Fleisher game should be no exception. The kickoff will be promptly at 2:30 o'clock.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club