The Globe-Times – Bethlehem
Thursday, December 23, 1926
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Concentrating on the Cup Games
While soccer interest at present is all wrapped up in the American Soccer League race, it will not be many weeks before interest will somewhat be diverted to the rounds in the National challenge cup competition. Usually around the first of the year, the U. S. F. A. holds its confab and at this time the drawing is made. Recognizing the strength of the American Soccer League, these clubs are eliminated in the early round and play their first games when the competition has reached the fourth round. As a rule, the survivors up to this round are speedily eliminated, once the strong American League Clubs swing into action. If the usual custom is again adhered to, the drawing of the teams will be confined to the respective districts, meaning that the club to be paired in the Metropolitan district include those of the New York Giants, Indiana Flooring, Philadelphia, Brooklyn, Newark and Bethlehem. In New England it will be J & P Coats, Fall River, Boston, Springfield, New Bedford and Providence. By this arrangement the semi-final brings together the survivors in the respective districts, the winner being proclaimed the Eastern champion and then opposing the champion of the Western District for the National title. As yet the Western clubs have not measured up to the standard of play of the Eastern cups for with but one or two exceptions that title has always nestled in this section of the country. The defending champions this year will be the Bethlehem F. C.

Anxious to Pile Up a Big Lead
With the cup games in the offing, the Bethlehem booters are anxious to pile up a secure lead in the American Soccer League race, so that when the cup games hove in sight they can concentrate more on the cup affairs. The elimination pan is rather severe, for one slip and a defeat and it’s curtains insofar as further competition is concerned. The Bethlehem club has both barrels loaded this season and is shooting to repeat for the National title as well as to bring home the bacon in the American Soccer League race. While a margin of a three-game lead in the league race hardly seems great, with only half of the games played, nevertheless, it is quite substantial, particularly so, when it is realized that this margin of advantage was garnered with the majority of the games so far away from home. Philadelphia on Christmas Day afternoon and New Bedford on New Year’s Day afternoon is the layout for the National champions for the next two games.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club