Bethlehem Globe
Friday, December 24, 1915

The replay of the second round of the National Cup will take place tomorrow at Disston Ball Park, Tacony, between the Bethlehem Steel Co. and the Disston A. A. The local club made every effort to have the game cancelled on account of the death of the late president of the Athletic assocation, J. M. Herbig, but the United States Football association, in view of the fact that so many competition games are several weeks behind and that through posponed and replayed games this game is behind in schedule, the game tomorrow must be played, therefore when both teams take the field the Bethlehem players will bear a small balck band on their left arm in respect to the late president. Both teams are reported to be in prime condition and trained to the minute. The game will start promtply at 2:30 p.m. and the Bethlehem team will leave the Union depot at 10:33 a. m. for Philadelphia. The team will be selected from the following players who are asked to report: Duncan, Fletcher, Ferguson, Murray, Campbell, Morrison, Butler, MacDonald, Brown, Pepper, Fleming, McKelvey, Graham, Trainer Lynn, and Horsfall.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club